Public competition: 6 notices published this Monday (1/4)

Public competition: 6 notices published this Monday (1/4)
Public competition: 6 notices published this Monday (1/4)

Excellent opportunities in public tender are created every day, with vacancies at all levels of education and in different areas of activity!

With this in mind, so that you are aware of all the chances of winning your place in the public service, Direção Concursos has prepared a list of notices published this Monday, April 1st!

See also what was in the news on April 1st:

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Caraúbas (PB) Mayoral Competition

In Paraíba, the municipality of Caraúbas opened a public competition to offer 102 vacancies for positions at all levels of training. Starting salaries offered vary between R$1,412.00 and R$3,648.83.

Interested parties can register on the organizer until May 2nd, upon payment of fees ranging from R$85.00 to R$115.00. The tests are scheduled to take place on June 2, 2024.

Check out more information at notice!

Ouro Preto do Oeste (RO) Mayoral Competition

In Rondônia, the city hall of Ouro Preto do Oeste also published a public competition notice, offering 175 vacancies for positions at all levels of education. Remunerations reach up to R$4,420.55.

Registration can be done at organizer page until June 5th, upon payment of participation fees ranging from R$60.00 to R$200.00. The tests will be administered on July 14, 2024.

Access the full notice!

Esteio (RS) Mayoral Competition

In Rio Grande do Sul, the city council of Esteio holds a public competition offering 8 higher education vacancies in the area of ​​Education. Remuneration varies between R$2,778.79 and R$5,459.32.

Applications can be approved at the banking page from the 2nd to the 16th of April, upon payment of a participation fee of R$ 120.00. The objective tests are scheduled for May 5, 2024.

See the announcement in full!

Beginner’s Guide: Free Material!

Are you just starting out in the world of public tenders? Do not know where to start? The Competition Management prepared the sums Basic Public Tenders Beginner’s Guide for you to give yours first for approval. In it, you will find the terms, concepts, areas of study and everything you need to know!

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São José da Bela Vista (SP) Mayoral Competition

In the state of São Paulo, the city council of São José da Bela Vista opened a public competition offering opportunities in reserve registration for various positions at primary, secondary and higher education levels. Starting salaries reach up to R$6,750.00.

Interested parties can register at banking website until April 29th and fees vary between R$65.00 and R$85.00. The tests, in turn, are scheduled to take place on May 19, 2024.

See the full notice!

Luiziânia (SP) Mayoral Competition

Still in the state of São Paulo, the city of Luiziânia published a public competition notice with 12 vacancies for positions at all levels of training. Salaries reach up to R$12,388.26.

Registration can be made until April 15th at organizer’s website. Participation fees range from R$90.00 to R$150.00, and the tests are scheduled to be administered on May 5, 2024.

Check out more details at notice of the contest!

Piritiba (BA) Mayoral Competition

In the state of Bahia, the city council of Piritiba opened a competition to offer 32 mid-level vacancies for the position of Municipal Guard. The starting salary offered is R$1,412.00.

Registration can be made between April 5th and 25th at organizer’s website. The participation fee is R$100.00 and the tests are scheduled to take place on May 26, 2024.

See the full announcement here!

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