New season of company research begins this Monday in Alagoas

New season of company research begins this Monday in Alagoas
New season of company research begins this Monday in Alagoas

Entrepreneurs from Alagoas must prepare for another new season of research. Starting this Monday (1), the team from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) begins the regular period of collecting Structural Surveys in Companies (PEEs) in 4,193 establishments.

Structural Surveys (PEEs) bring together a set of economic-financial information that allows estimating the basic structural characteristics of the business segment in the country, as well as monitoring its evolution over time, in each major sector of the economy – Industry (extractive and transformation), Construction, Commerce and Services.

Furthermore, the PEEs constitute the nucleus of information around which other economic research is articulated, such as conjunctural and thematic in-depth (special) research.

How collection and approach works

Companies, offices and outsourced accounting professionals will be approached in person or remotely (internet, social networks, email, telephone) to collect data.

Last year, the research sample included 3,903 companies. Of these, 1,497 were included in the surveys for the first time, which corresponds to around 38% of the total contingent. Around 10% of the companies approached failed to send the questionnaire to IBGE and were considered “veiled refusals”. In 2024, there will be 4,193 establishments.

The PEEs include the Annual Trade Survey (PAC), Annual Services Survey (PAS), Annual Industrial Survey – Company (PIA-Company), Annual Industrial Survey – Product (PIA-Produto) and Annual Construction Industry Survey (PAIC ).

Why respond to surveys?

Collaboration with IBGE research is essential to guarantee obtaining the “Certificate of Discharge of Statistical Information” issued by the institute. Refusal to provide information may prevent participation in tenders and the granting of tax benefits, loans and financing from various public development institutions.

Furthermore, the companies’ response contributes to the calculation of key estimates for evaluating economic development, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The data collected by the Structural Survey serves to support the implementation of public policies, evaluation of business strategies, and economic studies.

Coordination between IBGE and companies

The IBGE Superintendency in Alagoas (SES/AL) has sought to establish coordination with public and private entities to improve the quality and efficiency of its research. This dialogue aims to promote a relationship of mutual support that encourages correct participation in Business Research (PEEs) in the state of Alagoas.

Organizations that deal directly and indirectly with companies in Alagoas can assist in this process of raising awareness and collecting research, whose data serves to generate relevant information for the sector.

Entities such as the Commerce Federation of the State of Alagoas (Fecomércio); Construction Industry Union of the State of Alagoas (Sinduscon); Association of Companies in the Alagoas Real Estate Market (Ademi); House of Industry (CNI); Sebrae; Maceió Commercial Alliance; Union of Accountants of the State of Alagoas (Sindcont); Industrial Workers Union; Union of Accounting, Advisory, Expertise, Information and Research Companies of the State of Alagoas (Sescap); as well as Commercial Boards and other municipal and sectoral commercial associations are valuable partners in the process of disseminating Structural Research in Companies (PEEs).

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