Why has aircraft chartering grown so much in MG?

Why has aircraft chartering grown so much in MG?
Why has aircraft chartering grown so much in MG?

Those who travel for work, especially, prefer to charter an aircraft so as not to run the risk of not being able to arrive for a meeting, for example

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The demand for air taxi services is on the rise in Minas Gerais due to the low supply of regional connections and also due to the large number of flight cancellations. Especially between medium-sized cities and the capital of Minas Gerais. Last month, BLACK Táxi Aéreo started flying on Mondays and Fridays, on demand flights, between Governador Valadares (MG) and the capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte.

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“Especially for business travelers, the small number of regular flights available and the lack of guarantee that the flight will actually leave has led many to opt for aircraft charter,” said Rafael Matos, CEO of Black Táxi Aéreo.

In Matos’ view, the air taxi service is increasingly being seen as a time saver and as a work tool. “Missing a flight and not being able to reach a company’s executives for an important meeting doesn’t make any sense in the business world”, reinforces the CEO.

According to a note sent to DIÁRIO, other amenities of using a private aircraft are also being increasingly valued. Such as immediate boarding at the agreed time, without passing through the conventional areas of large airports, privacy on board for holding meetings and the possibility of reaching more than 3,000 aerodromes across the country, not to mention the efficiency of being able to fulfill commitments in different destinations on the same day.

Created in 2018, BLACK Táxi Aéreo has 5,000 aircraft services and more than 20,000 customers who have visited the company’s FBO, the largest at Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte (MG). An FBO, or fixed base operator, is a company that has permission from an airport or hangar to operate on its premises for the purpose of providing aeronautical services to aircraft, passengers and crew.

About BLACK Táxi Aéreo

Founded in 2017 as BLACK Aviação, it established itself the following year in a Hangar at Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte (MG), offering FBO services – aircraft shelter and service to external customers, who come to the capital mining. In 2020, the company began operating with air taxis and gained prominence in the regional segment. More information on the website.

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