check out the schedule for the first day of the biggest agricultural fair in Minas Gerais

check out the schedule for the first day of the biggest agricultural fair in Minas Gerais
check out the schedule for the first day of the biggest agricultural fair in Minas Gerais

This Monday, the 1st, the official opening of the 11th edition of Femec takes place. The initial event will be at 10 am, at the Agribusiness Pavilion in Parque Camaru, in Uberlândia and will be attended by the city’s mayor, Odelmo Leão, federal deputy Ana Paula Junqueira Leão, the governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado, and the deputy governor of Minas Gerais, Professor Mateus, as well as several agribusiness authorities.

Sponsored by CAIXA and the Federal Government, Femec 2024 will run until Friday, April 5th, with free entry. The fair is recognized as one of the largest in the agricultural sector in Minas Gerais, bringing together the main brands of machinery, equipment, implements and agricultural inputs in the country.

With the theme “Biofuels. The new energy comes from the countryside”, Femec 2024 will not only offer business opportunities for rural producers, but will also promote discussions about the importance of biofuels in the energy matrix. Biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, have stood out as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Femec’s programming will include lectures, workshops and exhibitions on the topic, providing information and business opportunities for participants.

See the FEMEC 2024 schedule for this Monday (01/04):

Official Opening

Time: 10 am

Location: Agribusiness Pavilion Auditorium

Roberto Rodrigues Lecture

Theme: Biofuels – New Energy Comes from the Field

Time: 2pm

Location: Agribusiness Pavilion Auditorium

Lecture by the vice-governor of Minas Gerais Professor Mateus

Theme: Agribusiness and Minas Gerais GDP

Time: 3pm

Location: Agribusiness Pavilion Auditorium

Round table with leaders from the Biofuels sector

Time: 4pm


Roberto Rodrigues – Former Minister of Agriculture

Deputy Arnaldo Jardim – Vice-president of the Parliamentary Front for Agriculture

Antônio de Salvo – President of the FAEMG SENAR System

Ana Paula Junqueira Leão – Federal Deputy – Vice-president of CAPADR

Gabriel Junqueira CEO of Bioenergética Aroeira

Carlos Eduardo CEO CMAA

Mediator: Mário Campos

Location: Agribusiness Pavilion Auditorium

Faemg Senar System Workshops

Precision Livestock

Time: 13:00 to 15:00

Location: Faemg Senar System Stand

Animal Welfare and Health

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Location: Faemg Senar System Stand

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