Brazil adopts single-dose vaccination against HPV

Brazil adopts single-dose vaccination against HPV
Brazil adopts single-dose vaccination against HPV

In a revolutionary measure in the fight against HPV infections and the prevention of various types of cancer, Brazil recently adopted a new vaccination schedule. Now, girls and boys aged 9 to 14 can receive a single dose of the vaccine free of charge through the Unified Health System (SUS), thus expanding access and protection against this extremely prevalent and dangerous virus.

Why the switch to a single dose of the HPV vaccine?

The decision to switch to a single dose regimen is based on a recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), based on studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of a single dose in protecting against HPV. This advance represents a crucial strategy to increase vaccination coverage and include other priority audiences, also facilitating the introduction of the HPV vaccine into immunization programs in middle- and low-income countries, where adherence is still challenging.

Who can benefit from this vaccine offered by SUS?

  • Girls and boys aged 9 to 14
    • People aged 9 to 45 with special clinical conditions, such as those living with HIV/AIDS, solid organ or bone marrow transplant recipients and cancer patients (immunosuppressed)
    • People with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (PPR) of any age

What is the impact of HPV and why is vaccination essential?

The HPV virus is responsible for a wide range of infections, some of which are potentially serious and capable of developing into different types of cancer. The best known is cervical cancer, which represents the third most common type among women in Brazil. Vaccination appears as a fundamental pillar in the prevention of these diseases, aiming not only to protect vaccinated individuals, but also to reduce the circulation of the virus in the population, thus interrupting transmission chains and contributing to the elimination of these cancers.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Vaccination for Boys

Including boys in the HPV vaccination program is not only an equity measure, but also an effective public health strategy. In addition to protecting them against diseases directly linked to HPV, such as cancer of the penis, oropharynx and anus, male vaccination is crucial to prevent transmission of the virus to their partners, contributing significantly to protecting women’s health against HPV. cervix and other conditions associated with HPV.

The fight against HPV and related cancer is a joint effort between society, healthcare professionals and government agencies. By adopting the WHO recommendation for single-dose vaccination against HPV, Brazil takes an important step towards reducing the incidence of these viral infections and, consequently, some types of cancer, moving increasingly towards a future healthier and protected for future generations.

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