Bruno Gagliasso’s children appear on the egg hunt at the mansion

Bruno Gagliasso’s children appear on the egg hunt at the mansion
Bruno Gagliasso’s children appear on the egg hunt at the mansion

The eldest daughter of the actor couple Bruno Gagliasso It is Giovanna Ewbank made an impression when he appeared helping his family prepare the chocolate egg hunt for his brothers. The two have been together since 2010.

From their union, they are parents of three children. The firstborn and only girl of the trio is known by her nickname Títi and is called Chissomo. She is 10 years old. Bless, whose birth name is Blessings, is the middle brother and is nine years old. While the youngest Zyan, Baby-Z, turned three years old.

Last weekend, Bruno Gagliasso and Ewbank hosted a fun and exciting Easter egg hunt on the farm. The two have a beautiful property located in Membeca, in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

On social media, Gagliasso’s wife shared a video showing Títi taking care of the entire organization of the race for chocolate eggs on the family farm. On the occasion, the actors’ eldest daughter appeared making the details to create the bunny footprints around the living room of the couple’s mansion.

In the caption, Ewbank wrote: “This Easter’s egg hunt was different… Well guys, our little girl grew up, who knew, Títi helped us hide the eggs while Bless distracted Zyan! And it was delicious!!! Haha. Happy Easter to all of you and your families!”, said the celebrity when showing how her eldest daughter takes care of all the preparations for the chocolate hunt.

In the comments, fans of Bruno Gagliasso They left many messages for the celebrity’s family. “Beautiful family,” said a follower. “How beautiful”, praised another internet user. “How cute,” said one internet user.

The artists are together on a new work project. The two are presenting a program that talks about various topics aimed at couples. The chat consists of inviting artists and celebrities to speak openly about their romantic relationships and romances that they have experienced throughout their lives.

Bruno Gagliasso's children appear on an Easter egg hunt at the mansion and impress
Bruno Gagliasso’s children appear on Easter egg hunt at the mansion

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