SERASA CONFIRMS debt forgiveness for debts between R$500, R$1,000, R$2,000 up to R$20 thousand and Brazilians are jumping for joy


Good news for those indebted to Serasa: the credit protection agency confirmed a new debt forgiveness program for debts between R$500, R$1,000, R$2,000 to R$20 thousand from various Brazilians.

SERASA CONFIRMS debt forgiveness for debts between
R$500, R$1,000, R$2,000 to R$20,000 and Brazilians jump with joy. (Image: FDR)

As a result, those who have debts in these value ranges will be able to regularize their financial situation without having to pay the amount in full.

Specialist Laura Alvarenga, FDR collaborator, comments more about Serasa, check it out.

How does Serasa debt forgiveness work?

Serasa’s debt forgiveness program offers several special payment conditions to debtors, with discounts that can reach up to 90% of the total debt amount.

Among the debts that can be forgiven under this program are those owed to banks, credit cards, finance companies, telephone companies and other institutions.

What is debt forgiveness?

Debt forgiveness, also known as debt renegotiation, is a agreement between the institution to which the debt is owed and the debtor, in which the creditor agrees to waive part or all of the amount of the debt. This means that the debtor no longer has to pay the forgiven amount.

Debt forgiveness can be formalized through a written agreement, which establishes the conditions and terms of forgiveness. In some cases, debt forgiveness may be partial, where only a portion of the amount owed is forgiven, while in other cases it may be total, where the entire debt is eliminated.

Additionally, debt forgiveness may have tax implications for the debtor, as the amount forgiven may be considered income subject to taxes. Therefore, it is important to seek professional guidance before entering into any debt forgiveness agreement.

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