The 5 most incredible houses in the world


The perfect home is an abstract concept, as it takes into account not only the aesthetic sense of each individual, but also what each person considers essential in a home. But the World Architecture Festival (WAF), the most prestigious event in the world that rewards the most daring architectural projects, has tried, since 2008, to provide a more technical answer to this question.

Those who analyze the projects in dispute have very specific criteria in mind, such as low energy consumption, use of ecological materials and good use of space. We have put together a list of the most incredible houses participating in the festival.

1. 19 Waterloo Street, Sydney, Australia

In Australia, there is the winning house of World Interior of the Year 2023. (Source: SJB/Reproduction)

Don’t be fooled by the occasional air of simplicity in this house, designed by Australian studio SJB. Prize Winner World Interior of the Year 2023 by WAF, this house occupies a 30 square meter plot of land in Sydney, Australia, and uses reused materials, including broken bricks.

Part of the facade is built with masonry, encouraging natural ventilation, making the presence of air conditioning unnecessary. It doesn’t overheat in the summer, while it facilitates natural light in the winter. On the roof, a carpet of plants helps to reduce the internal temperature of the property.

2. Casa LRM, São Paulo, Brazil

Casa LRM was designed for a feeling of spaciousness. (Source: Studio AG/Reproduction)

Located in the city of São Paulo, Casa LRM is a project by the Brazilians at Studio AG. Rectangular, it was created with the aim of providing a feeling of spaciousness and more space. To achieve this, the architects used and abused glass and a connection between the interior and the garden without walls.

Another measure of the project was to build it with two extra floors. At the top of the house there is a skylight to allow more natural light inside. The windows are frosted and go from floor to ceiling, allowing for greater natural ventilation.

3. Flag House, Whistler, Canada

(Source: Studio MK27/Reproduction)
Flag House was developed by a Brazilian studio. (Source: Studio MK27/Reproduction)

Although located in Whistler, Canada, Flag House is another project with Brazilian DNA. Created by Studio MK27, from São Paulo, the house follows the studio’s style, connecting interior and exterior in a low horizontal model, close to the ground.

The facade is entirely made of glass, supported by a base made of dark wood. Seen from the inside, the upper floor, which houses the residence’s bedrooms, appears to hover over the lower part, as if on a pedestal.

4. Orla Apartment, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(Source: Studio Arthur Casas/Reproduction)
The Orla apartment has a dream view. (Source: Studio Arthur Casas/Reproduction)

Another Brazilian on the list. This time, it’s Apartamento Orla, located in Rio de Janeiro, created by Studio Arthur Casas. With a stunning panoramic view of Ipanema beach, it uses natural materials throughout the house. In the living room, stone floors, while the walls are covered with wood, creating a peaceful and private environment, as well as being very relaxing.

The tones are earthy, in order to complement the view of the sea, creating a sensation of being an extension of the strip of sand itself. Another very chic detail is the large kitchen, without walls, with views of the sea.

5. House of Solid Stone, Jaipur, India

(Source: Malik Architecture/Reproduction)
The House of Solid Stone is entirely made of sandstone. (Source: Malik Architecture/Reproduction)

Closing the list, the House of Solid Stone is in India, in Jaipur. Designed by Mumbai-based studio Malik Architecture, it uses a material that has been ignored by architects in recent decades: sandstone.

In the creation of the element, an ancient stone cutting technique was used, resulting in the maintenance of the natural stone texture. This helps the house to have a unifying effect between the exterior and interior.

On the studio’s website, the architect who led the construction even mentioned that the creation of the House of Solid Stone looked more like an archaeological excavation than a construction site.

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