Public employees carry out actions against dismissals in Argentina

Public employees carry out actions against dismissals in Argentina
Public employees carry out actions against dismissals in Argentina

Protesters gathered at the Department of Labor and other government agencies; there was a confrontation with the police

Members of a public employee union in Argentina held demonstrations this Wednesday (April 3, 2024) against layoffs in the sector. According to ATE (Spanish acronym for National Directorate of the State Workers Association), Javier Milei’s government dismissed more than 11,000 people from federal agencies.

Protesters gathered in buildings belonging to the Secretariat of Labor, Inadi (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) and Anses (National Social Security Administration). Federal police surrounded the locations.

Images posted on social media show that employees and union members clashed with the police when trying to enter the secretariat and the national institute.

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Another record released on social media shows several people outside an Anses headquarters. According to the Clarin, the place was closed because a meeting about the layoffs was being held. The record was shared by Milei on X (ex-Twitter).

In its account on X, ATE criticized the presence of Argentine authorities in federal headquarters. “The day begins and we already see the security forces more occupied with intimidating workers than with their own functions, such as combating drug trafficking”, said the union.

Also in a post on the social network, the general secretary of ATE, Rodolfo Aguiar, released a video showing several police officers lined up and holding shields.

“They [governo argentino] they are filling public offices with police officers. There is no money to buy food, there is no money to buy medicine, but there is money to repress”, he said.

According to the La Nationthe Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, instituted a special operation for security forces to prevent protesters from entering federal buildings.


The spokesperson for the Argentine Presidency, Manuel Adorni, told journalists this Wednesday (3 April) that around 15,000 public contracts had not been renewed.

“We have talked about this repeatedly, there is not much more to say, it is part of the work we are doing to reduce the State. Employees who are not needed, who do not continue to receive income from the State”, he said.


Ctera (Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine Republic) called a national strike of teachers for Thursday (April 4). Among the demands are the refund of the minimum salary, investment in educational programs and an increase in teachers’ salaries.

According to a statement, the union will also launch a “signature campaign, demanding that the National Government guarantee Public Education throughout the country”.

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