Made history! Pitel is the 16th eliminated from ‘BBB 24’ and Tadeu Schmidt is moved by his own speech

Made history! Pitel is the 16th eliminated from ‘BBB 24’ and Tadeu Schmidt is moved by his own speech
Made history! Pitel is the 16th eliminated from ‘BBB 24’ and Tadeu Schmidt is moved by his own speech

Pitelwho suffered when she saw the doors of the Gnome Room closing, was the 16th eliminated from the ‘BBB 24’ this Tuesday (2). The ex-sister, who had an enlightening conversation with David hours before, left with 82% of the average vote, two days after Fernandayour greatest ally in the game, also leave the most watched house in the country. Tadeu Schmidt got emotional when announcing the elimination of the social worker!

Pitel faced the hot seat against Beatrice It is Alane, two allies of a group chosen by the public – which should give the prize to Davi. Her chances of escaping were minimal and she already knew that! Still, the presenter’s speech to one of the biggest players of the season was still moving. The host cited the Alagoas native’s friendship with Fernanda, praised her vision of the game and, although he seeks an ‘impartial’ image, he made it clear to a good viewer how much he liked the former participant!

Tadeu remembers Pitel and Fernanda’s friendship

“Imagine the pain of losing your greatest friend. You can ask Pitel. It’s only been 48 hours since she lost Nanda. As you said, Pitel, as if you had lost a piece of your own body, right? It’s even difficult to see you alone in this house. On that distant January 8th, when you entered this house, in less than two hours, Pitel and Fernanda were already knitting, laughing, they had already become partners. And they would remain that way until the end. About to roll I was jealous when Pitel made other great friends…”, expressed the presenter.

“This girl put on the satin cap and spoke. She managed to be acidic and, at the same time, charming. Critical and very funny. Above all, intelligent, insightful. Owner of a lucidity, a balance, a wisdom that contrast with her 24 years . In those 86 days in there, Pitel seemed like she was seeing everything from the outside. As if she could even review the images to calmly give her opinion. She made precise readings. She got a lot right, not everything, not everything. That would also be asking too much. But hit well above average”, he continued.

Pitel makes Tadeu Schmidt get emotional with his own speech

“The biggest mistake she made was when she thought about herself. She couldn’t think like that, she had no reason. She once said: ‘Every day I wake up doubting something different about myself that I didn’t even know existed’. Have you noticed that Is it very difficult to hear her talk about herself? This game gave you a fragility that doesn’t even suit you. However, look what, the same BBB that shakes the structures, also gave you a bucket. That memory that lifts your spirits and what a bucket… a car”, he analyzed, excited.

“But can I tell the truth, Pitel? Out here, your bucket could be the BBB itself. In the future, when you’re feeling sad, when everyone is, you’ll be able to remember a beautiful walk on Big Brother Brasil, which leaves a victorious image packaged in that delicious accent, in that way of speaking that is so Pitel. As the verses of my favorite song say, I know that life should be much better, and it will be. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful and it’s beautiful. Come to here, Pitel”, concluded Schmidt.

Pitel hugs brothers and receives advice from Tadeu

The social worker stood up crying and hugged each of the game’s competitors. Meanwhile, Alane and Beatriz, who received 12.38% and 5.62% of the votes respectively, were also crying desperately – to the point of smearing their makeup. Grateful and tearful, Pitel walked to the outside area, spoke about God – without forcing anything – and left a legacy of intelligence, wit and a lot of personality.

Outside, the ex-sister was hugged by Tadeu Schmidt, who further showed his admiration, asking her not to let anyone make her invisible. In the conversation, she also explained that she felt like she would be eliminated, but with a smile on her face, she thanked the production and was thrilled for having made one of her dreams come true! The ex-sister also discovered that she will be alongside Fernanda on the program ‘A Elimination’, under the command of Ana Clara, and she couldn’t hide her happiness at meeting her great ally again!

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