Four characters who will let the mask fall in Renascer


Reborn still holds many surprises for the public. In the next chapters of Globo’s nine plot, many twists and turns will change the direction of the soap opera created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and updated by Bruno Luperi.

Gabriela Medeiros and Livia Silva in Renascer

In the plot, Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) will be unmasked by José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira), who will discover the lies invented by the psychologist. The farmer’s reaction will be surprising.

But Buba will not be the only unmasked character in Renascer. Find out who else will be discovered in the next chapters!


In Renascer, Buba met José Inocêncio when he went with José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) to the cocoa producer’s farm. She fell in favor with the farmer, who even predicted that Buba would give her a grandson.

However, what Inocêncio doesn’t know is that Buba is a trans woman, meaning she cannot get pregnant. But even so, Venâncio ended up lying to his father, stating that Buba is expecting their child.

In the next chapters, Inocêncio will discover that Buba is not pregnant. However, the farmer will believe that Teca (Livia Silva) is expecting Venâncio’s child. And Buba will maintain the charade, afraid of Inocêncio’s reaction.

But it won’t be long before José Inocêncio discovers that Buba is a trans woman and that Venâncio is not the father of Teca’s son. Surprisingly, the farmer will be very understanding and will welcome them, treating Buba and Teca as his daughters.


Rachid (Almir Sater) entered Renascer full of mysteries. The Lebanese returned to the rural area of ​​Ilhéus willing to settle there and even made an offer to buy Norberto’s (Matheus Nachtergaele) sale.

He doesn’t end up buying the sale, but he will end up becoming the owner of Jacutinga’s (Juliana Paes) old house. Afterwards, Rachid will rent the property to Sandra (Giullia Buscacio), who intends to reopen the ladies’ house.

With this, a friendship arises between Rachid and Sandra, and it will be she who will unmask him. Rachid will confess that he is a rich man, owner of properties and companies, but that he left the business in the hands of his children to have a peaceful life in the interior of Bahia.

Teacher Lu

Eli Ferreira as Lu in Renascer (publicity/Globo)

But Rachid isn’t the only one hiding a fortune in Renascer. Lu (Eli Ferreira) is another who is rich, but prefers to simply give up luxury and live a simple life.

Morena (Ana Cecília Costa) is the one who will unmask the sweet teacher. In a conversation, Lu will end up letting slip that he belongs to a very rich family in Salvador. She was even raised in a large mansion.

However, Lu preferred to study to be a teacher and dedicate her life to teaching people who do not have access to education, making her profession a mission. Thus, she chose to have a life away from her parents’ money.


Dona Patroa (Camila Morgado) knows that her husband Egídio (Vladimir Brichta) is not worth what he eats. However, the nun handed her husband’s sins into God’s hands and believes that, one day, he will come to justice.

However, in the next chapters of Renascer, the villain will be definitively unmasked. Upon learning that Egídio continues to harass Joaninha (Alice Carvalho) despite her prayers and threats, Dona Patroa will give up on him once and for all and put an end to their relationship.

After that, she goes back to being called by her name, Iolanda, and goes to live with Sandra in the old house in Jacutinga. There, Carola finds herself in love with Rachid, starting a new romance. Egídio will join Eliana (Sophie Charlotte), who he will marry.

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