BBB 24: Pitel is eliminated with 82% of the votes on the wall against Alane and Beatriz


Pitel was the 16th eliminated in the BBB 24, on Tuesday night (2). She received 82% of the votes on the wall against Beatriz and Alane.

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— She managed to be acidic and charming. Critical and very entertaining, above all intelligent. In those 86 days in there, Pitel seemed to see everything from outside. She made accurate readings, got a lot right. The biggest mistake she made was when she thought about herself. Come here, Pitel — said Tadeu Schmidt, in his elimination speech.

Pitel had the fourth highest vote to leave the BBB 24. Leidy holds the record, with 88.33% of the votes, followed by Ráculo, who took 87.14% of the votes, and Marcus, who got 84.8%.

Pitel faced Alane and Beatriz (Photo: Disclosure, Globo)

Pitel was the most voted by the house and went to the wall (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Pitel was marked by her relationship with Lucas Henrique on BBB 24 (Photo: Reproduction, Globo)

Understand the reason for the “scolding” that Tadeu Schmidt gave his sister “Be careful with the joke” (5)

On Monday (1st), before Sincerão, Tadeu warned Beatriz after her sister wore a top made with orange peel (Photo: Reproduction, Globoplay)

Fernanda BBB 24

Fernanda was eliminated with 57.09% of the votes (Photo: Globoplay, Reproduction)

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Understand the reason for the “scolding” that Tadeu Schmidt gave his sister: “Be careful with the joke”

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