Three characters who will regret having existed in Elas por Elas


The end of They for Them It will not deviate from the good serial booklet. The good guys will have the right to the happy ending they dreamed of, while the villains will pay for all the bad things they did during Globo’s plot.

Marcos Caruso and Isabel Teixeira in Elas por Elas

And the authors Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson will not spare any punishment. So much so that the main bad guys in the story will do very badly in the final chapters, like Sérgio (Marcos Caruso) and Helena (Isabel Teixeira).

Find out who are the three characters from Elas por Elas who will regret ever having existed:


Apparently an elderly man seeking his daughter’s happiness at any cost, Sérgio revealed himself to be a scoundrel of the first magnitude throughout Elas por Elas. The rich man was able to exchange his own grandson in the maternity ward, in addition to even killing anyone who interfered with his plans.

Sérgio always claimed that he did everything he did out of love for Helena, his daughter. But, by depriving the daughter of disappointments, the bad character ended up creating a spoiled, authoritarian person who was incapable of dealing with life’s negatives.

Given everything he did, Sérgio will end up paying for his mistakes with his own life. He will be killed by Helena, who, in a last act of madness, will shoot Marcos (Luan Argollo), her biological son. Sérgio will go ahead and save his grandson’s life, but he will die afterwards.


Cássio Gabus Mendes in Elas por Elas

In the first version of Elas por Elas, Roberto (Laerte Morrone) had a passion for Márcia (Eva Wilma) – now Lara (Deborah Secco). But, in the reinterpretation of Cassiano Gabus Mendes’ work, the lawyer was transformed into a terrible villain by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson.

So much so that it was revealed that it was Roberto who killed Átila (Sergio Guizé), with the intention of continuing his scams in the office where the two were partners. It was with this same intention that he plotted to get rid of Lara, managing to take everything she had. Finally, Roberto also harmed Taís (Késia), by trying to blame her for the death of his former partner.

But Roberto will not go unpunished in the face of so many setups. Lara and Mário (Lázaro Ramos) will manage to gather evidence against the villain, and even Vilma (Viétia Zangrandi) will inform on the former boss. As a result, the evil lawyer will not be able to escape from jail at the end of the soap opera.


The result of Sérgio’s mistaken creation is Helena, a villain capable of anything to achieve her goals. Obsessed with Jonas (Mateus Solano), she made few good plans against her rival, Adriana (Thalita Carauta), and her daughter, Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri).

Not even the discovery that Isis is her sister will be able to soften Helena’s heart. On the contrary. The hatred for the girl will become even greater and Helena will make Ísis hell until the last minute of the six o’clock soap opera on Globo.

But Helena will regret being born when she is locked up in jail. After killing Sérgio, she will also be sentenced for her various other crimes, such as the fire at the animal shelter and the kidnapping of Jonas. Thus, the villain will spend many years in prison.

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