Davi reflects on his career at BBB 24 and says he wants to hug Boninho

Davi reflects on his career at BBB 24 and says he wants to hug Boninho
Davi reflects on his career at BBB 24 and says he wants to hug Boninho

While talking to Alane outside the house, BBB 24, Davi admitted that he is feeling mentally exhausted, as well as the other participants in the reality show. He recalled his journey on the program and said that he would like to hug Boninho and Rodrigo Dourado, directors of the attraction.

“You’ve already been through the worst. Honestly, in that house, you were the person who suffered the most”, reflected Alane.

“I am completely psychologically exhausted. Today I was sure of that. You left the room to talk and I went to sleep, man”, replied the brother.

Davi also reports that he doesn’t feel like the same person he did at the beginning of the game, “with that vigor, that strength”.

“I can’t rationalize that the game is over, because I have a focus. No matter how exhausted I am, there are still people for us to fight”, highlights the driver.

The brother talks about the experience of participating in the reality show and how his life has already changed. “This changed our lives! Just giving me college already changed. Now all that’s left is the prize, of course, which everyone wants,” he says.

He continues: “I know there were many days of a lot of suffering, psychological pressure, a lot of fights, a lot of bullshit… but I made the most of it here.”

Davi points out that he just didn’t win a Leader’s Test and an Angel’s Test, but that he lived the way he wanted to and that he remained very strong despite being “singled out at all times”.

Hug in Boninho

During the chat, Davi reported: “One thing that is in my heart to do is give the owner of this program a hug [Boninho e Dourado]”.

The brother explains the reason: “He gave me an opportunity to be here, to come in here and change my life. I want to leave here, shake hands, look him in the eye and say ‘thank you’. This is unique, okay?”

David reflects that other people could have been in his place, but that he was chosen. “If you look at my life story, I came from the favela, my mother’s house is in front of a bank, I run an app, I’m not a person who has visibility, I’m not famous… I have characteristics of a person they could say ‘wow, no one knows who she is'”, he concludes.

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