everything about the chapter of Tuesday, April 2nd

everything about the chapter of Tuesday, April 2nd
everything about the chapter of Tuesday, April 2nd

Do you want to know what will happen in the next chapter of Paraíso Tropical? Check out the summary of what will be shown on the Globo soap opera this Tuesday, April 2, 2024:

Chapter 83 – Tuesday, 04/02/2024

Alessandra Negrini in Tropical Paradise

Jader confirms the story of the fire to Olavo. Cássio tries to get closer to Joana, but she resists. Mercedes is moved by Ana Luisa’s appointment to work with Pitanguy.

Nely tells Heitor about Joana’s work and asks for her ex-husband’s help to get her daughter out of there. Heitor surprises Joana working at the nightclub. Lúcia tells her parents that Taís took Paula’s place.

Heitor forbids Joana from returning to work at the club, and Cadelão threatens her. Camila tells Fernanda that it was her father who lent money to Fred to buy Frigideira Carioca.

Fred is uncomfortable and Fernanda realizes something is wrong. Odete tells Heloisa that Fred borrowed money and now can’t pay it back.

She tells Hector, who supports his son-in-law. Taís goes to the hostel and Clemente is rude to her. Lúcia vents to her mother about the insecurity in her relationship with Antenor.

Tropical Paradise is shown by Globe from Monday to Friday, after the Afternoon Session.

It is worth remembering that the chapters are provided by the broadcaster and can be changed without prior notice.

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