EITA! PlayStation coming with Ghost of Tsushima 2 and more?

EITA! PlayStation coming with Ghost of Tsushima 2 and more?
EITA! PlayStation coming with Ghost of Tsushima 2 and more?

Aligning expectations with what happened in 2023, we have the first major projection for a possible PlayStation Showcase in 2024, which could also happen in May this year, just like last year.

The information comes from the journalist and insider Jeff Grubbwhich has a good hit rate in its rumors and articulations.

PlayStation Showcase or State of Play in May 2024: what to expect

In 2023, the Showcase took place exactly on the day May 24th. This year, according to the organizer, Sony’s next big event will also be in the fifth month of the year, and could take the form of a State of Play or from a Showcase same. Grubb released the information on Bombcast, the weekly podcast on the Giant Bomb website, headed by the journalist.

The stakes for this event are high and include Ghost of Tsushima 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Spider-Man 2 expansions, new title of Bend Studio (Days Gone studio) and other first-party announcements from the company.

It is worth highlighting that none of this has official support and it comes from information that Grubb would have obtained from his sources, therefore, absorb the news with the necessary dose of rumor.

Looking at what happened in 2023, however, May seems to be a fertile month for the occasion, especially as it falls in the middle of the year, which is the video game industry’s biggest stage for broadcasts and various events.

In the meantime, also speculate: what announcements do you think are coming on the PlayStation side? Register your guess below, in the field dedicated to comments!

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