Check out the best gamer promotions of the day (02/04)

Check out the best gamer promotions of the day (02/04)
Check out the best gamer promotions of the day (02/04)

The month of April started in full swing in the Brazilian market. There are discounts on games and accessories so that no one can fault them, with discounts that fit your budget and the best gamer promotions that yield valuable savings for renewing your setup.

With this in mind, we have selected some items that have reduced retail prices and that will certainly make all the difference in your gaming — physical release media for PS5, DualSense controllers, accessories for your console and PC, Smart TV and much more.

The best gamer promotions of the day (02/04)

  • [COMPRE AQUI] LG LED 4K 65″ Smart TV — from R$4,689 to R$3,573
  • [COMPRE AQUI] AOC LED Full HD 21.5″ Monitor — from R$779 to R$506.88
  • [COMPRE AQUI] AOC Hero 27″ 144Hz 1ms Monitor — from R$1,679 for R$890.10
  • [COMPRE AQUI] AOC LED Full HD 27″ Monitor — from R$1,349 to R$989
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Removable disc reader for PS4 Slim Digital — for R$599
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Sony Pulse Elite wireless gaming headset — from R$999.90 to R$883.42 (with PLAYAC5 coupon)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] The Rise of Ronin (PS5) — from R$349.90 to R$265.04 (with PLAY5KBM coupon)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (PS5) — from R$349.90 to R$261.15 (with coupon PLAY5KBM)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Dragon’s Dogma 2 (PS5) — from R$349.99 to R$275.49 (with PLAY5KBM coupon)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Persona 5 Royal Steelbook (PS5) — from R$199.89 to R$159.91
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Control Ultimate Edition (PS4) — from R$142.22 to R$116.97
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Cuphead (PS4) — from R$219.38 to R$175.50
  • [COMPRE AQUI] Sifu Vengeance Edition (PS4) — from R$194.99 to R$165.74
  • [COMPRE AQUI] DualSense Midnight Black controller — from R$399.99 to R$379.99 (with coupon CNTL5KBM)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] DualSense Cobalt Blue controller — from R$446.80 for R$379.91 (with coupon CNTL5KBM)
  • [COMPRE AQUI] DualSense Volcanic Red controller — from R$446.80 for R$379.91 (with coupon CNTL5KBM)

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