Otero could be left out of the final against Palmeiras and will be judged today at the STJD

Otero could be left out of the final against Palmeiras and will be judged today at the STJD
Otero could be left out of the final against Palmeiras and will be judged today at the STJD

Decisive moment

Santos is having the week off for the grand final of the Campeonato Paulista, at Allianz Parque. As everyone knows, Peixão has an important advantage having won 1-0 at Vila Belmiro.

© Reinaldo Campos/AGIFOtero could miss out on the final

The players are confident, Carille It made the atmosphere even better and the scenario was for everyone to give their all to lift this trophy, which would be very important for the continuation of the season.

On the other hand, information this Wednesday (3) left Santos fans worried. According to the Diário do Peixe portal, Otero will be judged by expulsion before the Portuguese.

The trial will take place this afternoon (3), at 5pm. There is a possibility that the little guy will be punished and, therefore, he may be left outside of the final game against Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque.

Possible punishment

The midfielder was denounced under article 254; It is worth remembering that the Santos holder has already served the automatic suspension against Bragantino, that is, the Santos legal team’s confidence is that there will be no new punishment.

For the article that was reported, Otero could be punished for up to six games. On social media, Peixe fans are outraged and understand that it would be very bad for the Campeonato Paulista to have an athlete unavailable in a trial days before the decision.

This can only be a joke, red ok, but it wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t so high where he caught it with his foot, there’s no need to explain going to trial if you’ve already served the sentence of 1 away game”, said a Santos fan.

The other followed in the same vein: “Where is Santos behind the scenes to pressure the referee to be impartial like he did with Edna? The guy who sent him off is the same one who will referee the final, he deserves a note”, shouted on the networks.

He’s been playing a lot of ball

Hiring Otero was a bet made by Santos management. The little guy wasn’t in high spirits and needed this chance to show that he could really turn things around.

Has been able to do this in Santoswith beautiful bids, goals and assists. It seems that he found himself in Vila Belmiro and became a very committed athlete.

It is very likely that more reinforcements be hired this semester. Carille is not a coach who makes big demands or anything like that, but he also waits for new things.

Everything leads us to believe that Peixão will do well seasonregardless of what happens in the final Paulistão against Palmeiras. This cannot be summarized in a work that is being done.

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