FIM rules out joint MotoGP and F1 events, but defends collaboration with FIA

FIM rules out joint MotoGP and F1 events, but defends collaboration with FIA
FIM rules out joint MotoGP and F1 events, but defends collaboration with FIA
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• Published on 02/04/2024 – 10:02 • Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

The arrival of Liberty Media The MotoGP does not pave the way for holding events in conjunction with the Formula 1. Despite the acquisition of Dorna by the North American company, security remains an obstacle to uniting the two classes.

On Monday (1), Liberty Media confirmed the purchase of an 86% stake in the company’s shares. Dornawhich holds the commercial and TV rights not only to MotoGP, but also to categories such as Superbike World Championship, for example. Executive director of the Spanish company, Carmelo Ezpeleta will continue ahead of Motorbike World Championship.

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In an exclusive interview with BIG PRIZE, Jorge Viegaspresident of the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling), ruled out the possibility of holding joint events, but defended collaboration between regulatory entities. The director highlighted, in fact, that the entity he commands already has some partnerships with FIA (International Federation of Motorsport).

– I don’t think it is possible to have joint events. For various reasons, including security, this is not possible – Viegas told the BIG PRIZE.

– However, some actions that have already been taken, such as homologation of circuits, a lot of the safety issue, now the new ecofuel — we have a joint commission between the FIM and the FIA ​​to work on the regulation of the new ecological gasoline. There are many issues, such as, for example, bringing more women into motorsport. There are many issues that can and should be seen together – he argued.

– We have had a joint commission between the FIM and the FIA ​​for over a year that has been working on many of these possible collaborations. For example, on the FIA ​​side, Fabiana Ecclestone represents the International Federation together with other FIA directors, and we hold at least two meetings a year together to try to collaborate more and more. Therefore, we will have several areas where the two Federations can collaborate. In fact, we already have a championship together, which is the All-Terrain Rally (Rally-Raid) championship, but there are other issues that will, of course, be dealt with together – he concluded.

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In the same interview, Viegas said he expected a “very positive effect” from the arrival of Liberty Media in MotoGP and revealed that the permanence of Carmelo Ezpeleta in charge of the championship was vital to the agreement with the North American company.

A MotoGP return to the track between the 12th and 14th of April, for the GP of the Americasin Austinthird stage of the 2024 championship. BIG PRIZE provides complete coverage of the event, as well as other classes in the Motorbike World Championship during the year.

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