Journalist says Brazilian magazine paid bail for Daniel Alves

Journalist says Brazilian magazine paid bail for Daniel Alves
Journalist says Brazilian magazine paid bail for Daniel Alves

Sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison, Daniel Alves paid 1 million euros and was released from jail, after 14 months behind bars

Photo: Lluis Gene/AFP via Getty Images – Caption: Daniel Alves left jail after paying bail of 1 million euros / Jogada10

Spanish journalist Marisa Blázquez, from the program “Fiesta”, which airs on the Telecinco channel, stated that a Brazilian magazine provided bail for player Daniel Alves. According to her, the publication made a change to get priority in a report on the life of the former Brazilian national team defender.

Marisa’s statement would put to rest the speculation that Neymar’s father was the author of the aid. After paying bail of one million euros (R$5.4 million), Daniel was able to leave jail through the front door. Thus, the release was on March 25th, five days after the decision of the 21st Section of the Barcelona Court of Justice. By majority vote, the magistrates responded and granted provisional freedom. Only one representative of the collegiate, Luis Belestá, voted against the benefit. Thus, Daniel Alves left prison alongside lawyer Inés Guardiola. He has been in prison since January 20, 2023.

Demands for Daniel Alves’ freedom

To maintain his right to provisional release, Daniel must comply with measures determined by the court. He cannot leave Spain and had to hand over both passports – Brazilian and Spanish. Furthermore, he must maintain a distance of at least one kilometer from the victim and cannot, under any circumstances, communicate with him. Daniel also needs to report weekly to the Barcelona Provincial Court. Thus, on Thursday, the 28th, he went to the hearing for the first time after his provisional release.

Sentence 14 months after preventive detention

Daniel Alves was sentenced in the first instance to four and a half years in prison, on February 22, for the rape of a 23-year-old woman in the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona. The crime took place at the end of 2022 and Daniel, at the time, was playing for Pumas, in Mexico. After the complaint, he lost his contract. At trial, Daniel claimed he is not a violent man and that the woman had sexual intercourse with him without resistance. Furthermore, he said he was not fully aware of the act because he had consumed alcohol. Today, in addition to being away from the field, Daniel is also facing the blocking of his bank accounts.

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