Ex-girlfriend accuses Lula’s son of physical and moral aggression


Natália Schincariol registered a BO this Tuesday (April 2) against Luís Cláudio; defense says statements are “fanciful”

Doctor Natália Schincariol, ex-girlfriend of Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva, registered a police report at the São Paulo Women’s Police Station on Tuesday afternoon (April 2, 2024) against the youngest son of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) for physical and psychological aggression. The two had a relationship for about 2 years.

The doctor said that the attacks were from “physical, verbal, psychological and moral nature” and would have intensified over time in the relationship. Lula’s son called the accusations “fanciful statements” –read the full note below.

According to Schincariol, she had been attacked with a “elbow in the belly” during a fight with Luís Cláudio. According to her, due to the trauma caused by the alleged attacks, she had to be away from work for 1 month.

She also stated that it was“threatened” to prevent the complaint from being made.

This Tuesday (April 2), Schincariol made several publications on his Instagram profile criticizing “left-wing males” –term used to define men who identify with left-wing agendas and who perpetuate sexist attitudes.

The doctor also spoke out on social media asking them to leave President Lula and his family “in peace”since they would not have “nothing to see” with the case. “Stop holding family members responsible for the evil of a 40-year-old adult man. They are totally different people.”he wrote.


In a note released by X (formerly Twitter), the defense of President Lula’s son states that he was aware of the “fanciful statements” which they would have attributed to Luís Cláudio “untrue and fanciful attacks, whose lies fall within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation”.

The note signed by lawyers Galib Jorge Tannuri and Carmen Silvia Costa Ramos Tannuri also states that Schincariol could respond, for his allegations, for compensation for moral damages, “reasons why the relevant legal measures will be taken”.

Reproduction/social media – April 2, 2024

Note from Luís Cláudio’s defense released by the accused’s X (ex-Twitter)

O Power360 contacted Secom (Secretariat of Social Communication) by email to ask for an official position on the accusations against Lula’s son. However, there was no response until the publication of this post. The space remains open for future demonstrations.

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