Lula’s son is accused of physical and psychological violence; he denies

Lula’s son is accused of physical and psychological violence; he denies
Lula’s son is accused of physical and psychological violence; he denies

President Lula (PT) and his son Luis Claudio Lula da Silva (PT) | Photo: Reproduction

Luis Cláudio Lula da Silva, the youngest son of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), is facing accusations of assault by doctor Natália Schincariol, with whom he had a relationship of around two years. Episodes of domestic violence have intensified in recent times, as reported by Schincariol.

According to information from Metrópoles, she filed a police report with the São Paulo Civil Police, alleging that Luis Cláudio elbowed her in the stomach “in one of the fights at the end of January this year”, when she allegedly refused handing over his cell phone during an argument. According to the report, the attacks are of a physical, verbal, psychological and moral nature.

In the police report, she reported that Lula’s youngest son “had unprotected sexual relations with other women” and that he “arrived home drunk” and tried to enter her room, even after she asked him to get out. kept away.

According to Metrópoloes, in a statement to the police, she explained that she had to take a break from work for a month “due to the emotional impact of the attacks” and that she was “hospitalized with anxiety attacks”. Furthermore, she mentioned that she has been suffering constant threats and insults from Luís Cláudio, being called “mentally ill”, “slut” and “crazy”.

The victim also reported that she is being “manipulated” and “threatened” not to report the attacks, claiming that the attacker is the president’s son and has “influence to get rid of the accusations.”

Wanted by the news report WEATHER Brasilia, the Civil Police of São Paulo, without mentioning names, confirmed that a 29-year-old woman registered a police report against her 39-year-old partner, for the crimes of domestic violence, threats, criminal acts, psychological violence against women and insult . The case was forwarded to the 1st Women’s Defense Police Station (DMM) to continue with investigations.

On a social network, Schincariol briefly posted about “left-wing machos”, a term that refers to men who are aligned with left-wing ideology and maintain machista attitudes, before removing the post.

Luis Cláudio’s defense issued a statement via social media, refuting the accusations and classifying them as “fantasy”. The possibility of taking legal action against Schincariol for “slander, insult and defamation” is also mentioned, in addition to seeking compensation for moral damages.

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