Brazil starts requiring visas from tourists from Australia, Canada and the USA


Citizens of Australia, Canada and the United States, holders of a common passport, will have to present a visa to enter Brazil, starting next Wednesday (10). The document will be required at ports, airports and land borders.

As of Decree No. 11,875/2024, the initial deadline for collection was January 10, but it was postponed to April. At the time, in a note, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) justified the new deadline as necessary to complete the system implementation process and to avoid negative consequences for Brazilian tourism, during the high travel season, at the beginning of this year. .

The visa requirement overturns the decision of the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro, which in March 2019, had waived the requirement to present a visa for North American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese tourists in Brazilian territory. The measure was unilateral, because Brazilians continued to need a visa to travel to those countries, according to the rules in force in each of them. However, the MRE explains that Brazilian diplomacy is based on reciprocity of actions, such as visa requirements.

In May 2023, Japan left this list, when Brazil and the island country signed an agreement to release visa requirements, both for Brazilians entering the Japanese nation and for Japanese arriving on Brazilian soil. The reciprocal exemption came into force in September of the same year and is valid for trips of up to 90 days.

Embratur (Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion), in partnership with tourism operators and airlines in these three countries, has announced the need for visas for tourists from April 10th.

According to Embratur, the content produced will be distributed on multiplatforms, in formats such as video, social media pieces, hotsite, e-mail and posters that will be posted in Brazilian diplomatic posts and reports on the websites of Brazilian embassies.

Electronic visa

From April 10th, tourists from the three countries who wish to visit Brazil must request an electronic visa, the so-called e-Visa, through the platform:, with the cost of issuing US $80.90.

The 100% electronic visa does not require the interested party to attend Brazilian consulates. Digitally, the applicant will be able to present the necessary documentation, for example, by uploading images and a recent photo, and will receive the visa electronically, via email. To enter Brazil, you will only need to present a valid passport and a printed copy of the temporary visa.

The website also recommends that the electronic visa be requested in advance to avoid travel interruptions caused by delays or missed connections.

The e-Visa will allow multiple entries and will have the same validity period as conventional visas: ten years for North Americans and five years for Canadians and Australians.

The new rules will apply to anyone staying in Brazilian territory for up to 90 days, extendable for the same period, as long as they do not exceed 180 days every 12 months.

If you have any questions about the e-Visa, Canadian, Australian or North American citizens should send an email to [email protected], stating their full name, country of citizenship and, if applicable, information about the problem they are facing, screenshot or photo of the error that occurred, as well as data about the electronic device (cell phone, computer, tablet) used to access the website.

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