State presents opportunities in the renewable hydrogen chain to potential partners

State presents opportunities in the renewable hydrogen chain to potential partners
State presents opportunities in the renewable hydrogen chain to potential partners

The State Government presented, this Wednesday (3), during the Paraná Sustentável event, at the Industry Campus of the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (Fiep), the progress of the Renewable Hydrogen Plan, which maps the potential and demands necessary for the development of this production chain.

With this survey, contracted with the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (Fipe), in 2023, Paraná aims to promote the advancement and implementation of production and consumption technologies for this new energy matrix.

During the event, held by the State Government, Invest Paraná, Paraná Projetos, Sistema Fiep, Alvarez & Marsal Infra, and organized by PRPRO, the State’s potential in relation to the production and use of H2 was explored and the Agency’s Strategic Call was presented National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), which focuses on the sustainable development of renewable hydrogen production systems.

The Secretary of State for Planning, Guto Silva, stated that the studies already carried out have led to two conclusions: the choice of the Paraná route based on electrolysis through biogas/biomass and, also, the importance of the internal market for the absorption of a future production.
According to him, the Paraná Hydrogen Plan is in its final phase and reveals that the State can enter a new moment.

“This energy transition that I call 2.0 involves the possibility of generating renewable hydrogen and energy through biomass and biogas. This is Paraná’s strategic plan, always with an eye on generating jobs, opportunities and mastering technology so that wealth stays in the State. Today we deal with large companies such as Petrobras, Copel, Engie, with the idea of ​​connecting them to other suppliers and members of this chain in search of business,” he said.

Guto Silva explained that the role of the State is for everyone to be at the same table so that good opportunities arise, as is the case in the biogas area, whose generation plants already number 200 in Paraná, using chicken, pig and sugarcane waste. -of sugar. “Paraná has all the conditions to lead this process, not only in Brazil, but in the world, and we are here connecting the major players in the electrical sector, in the energy sector in Brazil, so that they can channel their investments to our State ”, added Silva.

The event also featured connection sessions between the main partners, based on group discussions and paving the way for the creation of new sustainable business opportunities.

CALL FROM ANEEL – Aneel’s Strategic Call is an initiative aligned with the National Hydrogen Program (PNH2), which aims to significantly expand investments in research, development and innovation (PDI) in this area by 2025.

The call focuses on the sustainable development of renewable hydrogen production systems and covers topics such as logistics, storage, infrastructure, end uses and fuel cells, reinforcing the vital role of low-emission hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels in the Brazilian energy matrix. It has already received 95 expressions of interest.

At the event, details were explained on how interested industries can join the project, gains were made and the advantages of this energy were shared among the various interested industrial segments. The projects must be presented by July this year and those approved will be announced in September, with the execution of these projects expected to begin in January 2025.

Fipe’s consultant in Paraná, Rodrigo Régis, stated that the main objective of the event is the inclusion of projects in the Strategic Call. He presented previous figures contained in the Paraná Hydrogen Plan, possible routes and actions that can provide quick returns and leverage the green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol production chain and strategies for the business model.

“We showed today that Paraná has a demand for hydrogen, what actions are necessary to reach green hydrogen and what potential we have today to have results in a short space of time, something of more than 200MW, without taking into account Repar and Ansa. showing what we need to do now to create the conditions for the thing to happen,” he said.

PARANÁ – Recently, the State Government published Decree 4,922/2024, which established the creation of the Governance Committee that aims to encourage biogas and renewable hydrogen chains in Paraná. The objective is to identify, propose and monitor the preparation of technical studies that support the creation of public policies and plans in these two areas and integrate the actions of State secretariats into the energy matrix.

This initiative is within a large context of investment in this area. This year, the State Government signed a joint letter with several associations in which it commits to expanding the implementation of biogas and biomethane in rural areas. The signatories defend the expansion of financing and subsidies for the implementation of biogas plants – which generate electrical energy from gaseous fuel originating from the decomposition of organic matter.

Renewable hydrogen, considered the most promising clean energy matrix across the planet, has received special attention in Paraná and with the main focus on the use of biogas derived from biomass left over from agricultural production.

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