Prohibition on the exploration of sustainable forest management in MT ended on Monday (01)


The period of prohibition for exploring sustainable forest management in Mato Grosso ended on Monday (01.04). The restriction occurs every year and applies to cutting, felling, dragging and transport of logs with the aim of protecting the soil from the impact of wood removal, especially during the rainy season.

Some municipalities in the Northwest region, located in the very rainy Amazon region, continue with the ban until May 14th. They are: Aripuanã, Castanheira, Colniza, Cotriguaçu, Juína, Juruena and Rondolândia.

For these municipalities, it will only be possible to issue the forest guide and transport the volume and species of wood that was stored on the main esplanade and registered in the Sisflora system before the beginning of the prohibitive period.

Madeira Reserve

In force since February 1st, the ban is set out in a resolution from the National Environmental Council (Conama) and is regulated by the Technical Forestry Chamber of Mato Grosso, through resolution N°10/2017, which provides for the period prohibition of forestry exploitation under the Low Impact Sustainable Forest Management regime.

In Mato Grosso, around 6% of the territory is affected by the restriction, totaling 52 thousand square kilometers of areas that have Sustainable Forest Management Plans authorized by the State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema-MT).

According to the superintendent of Forest Management at Sema-MT, Tatiana Paula Marques de Arruda, respecting this “wood reserve” phase is essential to maintain the balance between environmental, economic and social development.

Source: Nayara Takahara | Sema-MT


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