New competition for DPDF legal assistance support analyst authorized

New competition for DPDF legal assistance support analyst authorized
New competition for DPDF legal assistance support analyst authorized

The Public Defender’s Office of the Federal District (DPDF) authorized a new public competition for the position of analyst supporting the institution’s legal assistance. The publication is in this Wednesday’s edition (3) of Official Gazette of the Federal District (DODF).

The next competition will be aimed at filling seven vacancies for the position, in addition to forming a reserve register. It will be reserved for specialties whose list has already been exhausted, such as law, accounting and information technology (IT), and for new areas that will make up the institution’s staff, such as medicine, nursing and dentistry. Currently, the institution has 301 legal aid support analyst positions, three of which are vacant.

New public competition for the DF Public Defender’s Office was authorized this Wednesday (3) | Photo: Disclosure/DPDF

For general public defender Celestino Chupel, strengthening the institution’s staff is essential for the Public Defender’s Office to provide an increasingly better service to the vulnerable population of the DF. “The arrival of new analysts makes it possible to expand the institution’s activities, with the reinforcement of service to various administrative regions. Furthermore, it allows more and more people to be reached by DPDF services”, he highlighted.

Last contest

The latest notice for DPDF legal aid support analyst offered 60 immediate vacancies for the institution’s staff. Various areas of higher education were covered, such as law, administration, social communications, accounting, economics, civil engineering, among others. In total, the institution appointed more than 235 analysts.

The competition was published in 2020, but suspended due to the pandemic. The competition resumed on December 17, 2021 and the objective tests were administered on February 13, 2022. There were more than 14 thousand registered, according to data from the Brazilian Center for Research in Evaluation and Selection and Event Promotion (Cebraspe) , the competition’s organizing committee.

The positions require a 35-hour week, that is, 7 hours a day. In addition to the objective and discursive tests, the competition also included the title evaluation stage.

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