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RN exceeds national program surgery target in 2023

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The Department of Health reported that 7,064 surgeries were performed in the 1st cycle of the program

Rio Grande do Norte surpassed the initial target set by the National Queue Reduction Program of the Ministry of Health (PNRF). With the consolidation of the 1st cycle of the program, which ran from April 2023 to January this year, the state reached 105.81%, which represents 7,064 surgeries carried out under the management of the State Department of Public Health (Sesap) and a higher investment to R$9 million.

The record month, according to data collected by Sesap, was November, when 1,265 surgeries were performed. Of the 100 types of procedures performed, the largest number was cataracts with intraocular lens implantation, with 2346 surgeries, followed by 12699 cholecystectomies (vesicle removal) and 819 hernioplasties.

Among the hospitals, of the 25 initially agreed, 15 of them met or exceeded the estimated target for carrying out procedures within the National Queue Reduction Plan, with two others remaining above 95% of the target. Among them are the regional hospitals Mariano Coelho (118%), Nelson Inácio dos Santos (107%), Hélio Morais Marinho (105%), Cleodon Carlos de Andrade (100%), Josefa Alves Godeiro (99%) and Lindolfo Gomes Vidal (98%).


Rio Grande do Norte’s goal achievement corroborates other data presented both in the PNRF survey by the Ministry of Health and in the monitoring carried out by Sesap itself. In 2023, RN had the highest number of elective surgeries performed in a ten-year period. Under the direct management of Sesap, 11,864 thousand procedures were carried out between January and November, including federal and state surgery programs.

The increase is also shown in the calculation of data from the Ministry of Health. Throughout the cycle from March 2023 to January this year, month by month, RN recorded a sustained increase in the rate of expansion of surgeries, compared to the same periods of the previous year. In June, for example, the state performed 28% more surgeries than in 2022, which had already been a record year for the number of procedures. The peak of the expansion rate was December, with 41%.


For the new cycle of the Queue Reduction Program, Sesap estimated a total of 12,487 throughout 2024, adding the proposals from the state and municipalities to the Ministry of Health, which has already secured R$20 million for the program in RN. The amount is double what was contributed in the first stage of the national program, in 2023.

The increase in the number of surgeries in the plan occurs through the inclusion of new hospitals and the growth of the list to 130 types of surgical procedures to be performed.

To this end, Sesap has already started expanding since February, with the implementation of unprecedented services, such as bariatric surgery, in Currais Novos, and the offering of elective orthopedic surgeries in the regional hospitals of Pau dos Ferros and Assu, in addition to planning the start of the same service in Caicó in the second semester.

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