Government plan for popularity will see Lula travel around the country, work and approach evangelicals: ‘Faith in Brazil’ | Policy

Government plan for popularity will see Lula travel around the country, work and approach evangelicals: ‘Faith in Brazil’ | Policy
Government plan for popularity will see Lula travel around the country, work and approach evangelicals: ‘Faith in Brazil’ | Policy

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) has been fulfilling an internal agenda for several Brazilian states since this Tuesday (2). The first place visited was Rio de Janeiro (read more below).

Throughout his visits, Lula also promotes a communication campaign focusing on works and with the slogan ‘Faith in Brazil’, with the aim of getting closer to evangelicals.

Among evangelicals, Lula’s disapproval rating is still high.

Lula adopts a pacifist line to try to overcome polarization

Although the strategy is the same, the campaign message will be regionalized, according to the particularities of each state.

After the president’s arrival, the campaign in each location will last one week.

This Tuesday, in Rio de Janeiro, Lula met with the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes (PSD), during the inauguration ceremony of the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Impa) Tech, in Niterói.

Afterwards, the president met with the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro (PL), to announce the start of dredging works on the São Lourenço Channel, also in Niterói.

This week, Lula is also launching campaigns in Pernambuco and Ceará.

On Thursday (4), in Arcoverde (PE), the president participates in the inauguration of the Ipojuca Raw Water Pumping Station and the Agreste Pernambucano Water Pipeline, on the stretch between Belo Jardim and Caruaru.

Then, on the same day, he will go to Goiana (PE) to participate in the inauguration of a Hemobrás medicine factory.

The following day, Friday (5), Lula will be in Iguatu (CE) to sign the work order for the implementation of the Salgado Branch, which will take water from the São Francisco River to 54 cities in Ceará. In addition, you will visit works on the Transnordestina Railway.

The new communication campaign will have the motto “Faith in Brazil”, chosen by the Social Communication Secretariat (Secom) of the Presidency of the Republic, it is a movement to bring religious voters closer, especially evangelicals, the segment most aligned with the opposition.

In parallel, the government’s plan is to try to highlight the delivery of works and projects as a way of cooling the political polarization that dominates the country.

The minister of Secom, Paulo Pimenta (PT), has been meeting with the ministries so that the departments’ campaigns related to deliveries are related to the new slogan. The idea is that each folder uses its advertising contract to carry out marketing actions.

This is the fourth stage of the government’s communication strategy.

  • At the beginning of 2023, the motto was “Brazil is back”, in reference to the projects that were being relaunched.
  • In the second half of 2023, with the approval of economic measures in Congress, the motto “Brazil on the Right Track” came into action.
  • At the end of that year, the perception that polarization persisted led the government to launch the “One people, one country” campaign.
  • Now, at the beginning of 2024, “Fé no Brasil” aims to get closer to the country’s religious people, especially evangelicals.

The proposal is to link the new motto to government projects, such as Pé de Meia, in Education; the Safra Plan, in Agriculture; Minha Casa Minha Vida, in the Cities; between others.

Planalto expects ministers to act as spokespersons for this new campaign strategy.

Lula’s allies have already tried to convince him of the need for more emphatic actions towards evangelical leaders, such as a meeting with pastors, but the president and the first lady, Janja da Silva, resist this idea.

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