Another Porsche? Driver kills application worker and escapes in MS


In an interview with Suelen Moraes, in the Correio do Estado newspaper, Kelly Ferreira, the delivery man’s wife, stated that the family has no news about the progress of the case. “Justice is slow, but when they want it, they are quick. We just want him to pay for what he did, taking the life of a worker, a family man,” she said.

The column called the Department of Justice and Public Security of Mato Grosso do Sul, but was unable to obtain a position from the state government as to whether there is an open investigation and whether or not steps are being taken. As soon as you get it, you will update the text.

In São Paulo, Andrade also fled the scene, but in a different way. Two police officers who responded to the incident allowed his mother to take him away to treat a wound in his mouth. Only later did police officers go to the hospital to take a breathalyzer test and were informed that he was never admitted to the location indicated. He also didn’t answer the phone calls, much less answer the doorbell at home.

His mother, Daniela Cristina de Medeiros Andrada, states that he was in shock and in pain and was not taken to the hospital. Both would have slept under the influence of medication at Fernando’s residence.

He reported himself to the 30th Police District in Tatuapé more than 38 hours later, when the breathalyzer test would no longer be effective. The delegate in the case indicted him for intentional homicide, with intent to kill, and asked for his arrest, but the court denied it.

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