MS Civil Police capture mother and son, responsible for double homicide committed in shopping mall in Mato Grosso

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The Civil Police of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, through the Specialized Police Station for the Repression of Bank Robbery, Assaults and Kidnappings – GARRAS, provided support to the Civil Police of Mato Grosso, represented by the Homicide Police Station and the Special Operations Group – GOE/MT, carrying out, this Tuesday, 02/04, the execution of two arrest warrants issued by the TJMT, referring to the investigation of the crime of double homicide, committed in Cuiabá (MT).

In joint action, GARRAS/PCMS, DH/PCMT and GOE/MT arrested mother and son, identified as the masterminds of the crime, being, respectively, JBS and VBS (31).

During searches of the residence where they were hiding, in the Jardim Samambaia neighborhood, in Campo Grande, four firearms and numerous ammunition were found. One of the weapons was even identified by the police station responsible for the investigation, as being likely used in the crime.

Understand the case

The investigation refers to the crime of double homicide committed on 11/23/23 at Shopping Popular in Cuiabá (MT). The executioner shot the first victim in the back of the head, but the firearm projectile transfixed and hit a second victim, with the two victims, Gersino Rosa dos Santos, aged 43, and Cleyton de Oliveira De Souza Paulino, aged 27, being to death. The event generated immense repercussion as it was carried out in one of the busiest places in the Capital of Mato Grosso.

The executor was identified, located and arrested in the municipality of Uberlândia (MG). This individual reported that he was hired by VBS to kill the first victim, receiving the amount of R$10 thousand, to commit the crime. The motivation for the crime, according to what was determined, was to avenge the death of VBS’ brother

Therefore, VBS was identified as the mastermind behind the crime of double homicide, which is why the police authority of the Mato Grosso Civil Police Homicide Division represented his arrest. During the investigations, it was found that VBS and his mother JBS, who also participated in the dynamics of the crime, could be hiding in the municipality of Campo Grande.

As a result, today (02), GARRAS, together with DH/PCMT and GOE/PCMT, carried out several surveys, managing to locate and capture VBS and JBS. The two were taken to GARRAS, where the procedures will be carried out determined by the Constitution and the law, both in relation to the execution of arrest warrants and in relation to the arrest in the act for the crime of illegal possession of a firearm.

Firearms will be seized and inspected, including for ballistic confrontation.

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