Sefaz guarantees the full sending of the Annual Accounts Renderings of State Expense Authorizers

Sefaz guarantees the full sending of the Annual Accounts Renderings of State Expense Authorizers
Sefaz guarantees the full sending of the Annual Accounts Renderings of State Expense Authorizers

Reaffirming the State Government’s commitment to integrity, transparency and responsibility in the management of public resources, the Finance Secretariat (Sefaz) ensured the full submission of the Annual Accounts Renderings of the State Expense Authorizers to the State Court of Auditors ( TCE-ES).

The full submission of Annual Accounts Renderings is an indicator of the effectiveness of the State’s accounting and financial administration. With the adoption of a meticulous and coordinated supervision process, Sefaz – through the State General Accounting Management, together with the Information Technology Management – ensured that all information required by TCE-ES was structured and submitted by the 131 Management Units that are part of the State’s Fiscal and Social Security Budgets within the deadline established under the terms of IN TC nº 68/2020, which ended last Monday (1st).

“Compliance with the goal of complete submission of the State Expense Authorizers’ Annual Accounts is the result of the hard work and dedication of the State Treasury’s team of consultants, who remain firm in our commitment to promoting responsible fiscal management in accordance with the established standards”, noted the Secretary of State for Finance, tax auditor Benicio Costa.

The supervisor of Sefaz’s Monthly and Annual Accounts Renderings, the State Treasury consultant Silvia Salomão, explained that the work begins with carrying out all the parameterization of the chart of accounts, operations, consistencies and integrity in the Integrated Public Financial Management System of Espírito Santo (Sigefes), in order to allow state bodies and entities to carry out accounting records of their transactions with the least possible error.

“At the same time, we provide guidance to these bodies and entities, resolving doubts related to Accounting Applied to the Public Sector, as well as promoting the supervision of accounting compliance, in order to ensure the completeness and reliability of monthly and annual financial statements”, highlighted Silvia Salomão.

The work is carried out by State Treasury consultants, working in the State General Accounting Department. “Together with the Information Technology Management, we developed and continuously updated the Sigefes Accounting Module, which allows state bodies and entities to generate information, based on the accounting records made, in the format established by the TCE-ES. We also worked during the bill remittance process, resolving doubts and inconsistencies, aiming to ensure 100% approval of remittances”, recalled the State Treasury consultant.

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