CSA needs to beat Penedense to win the Alagoas Cup


CSA did not start well in the Copa Alagoas decision, only 1-1, and has a difficult task in the return game against Penedense. To win the title in normal time, the team needs to defeat the opponent away from home, breaking the riverside team’s fast against the Azulinos in the 2024 season. In case of a draw, the champion will be defined on penalties.

Coach Cristian de Souza knows that the task is not easy. However, right after last Sunday’s match at Rei Pelé, he showed confidence in the team and made a point of mentioning the comeback against Murici in the semi-final.

– Now it’s time to know how to deal with this pressure. The opponent there will play the game of his life, but we have already demonstrated strength against Murici, with a lot of personality and dedication from this group of players. We just can’t make mistakes so as not to have a big loss like today.


For the Copa Alagoas, CSA played four matches as visitors (check the list below). They won three and lost one, precisely to Penedense. The utilization rate is 75%. There are seven goals scored against two conceded.

(Arivaldo Maia with ge – Alagoas)

Source Gazetaweb C/ Arivaldo Maria

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