Secult opens public call for State Register of Culture Points and Points

Secult opens public call for State Register of Culture Points and Points
Secult opens public call for State Register of Culture Points and Points

This Tuesday (2), the State Department of Culture (Secult) opens a public call for membership in the State Register of Points and Points of Culture of Pará (CEPC/PA), with the purpose of certifying these spaces. Registration is free and will take place for an indefinite period. Certification is mandatory so that cultural spaces can qualify to compete in public notices and participate in public policies.

Registration will be done through the Cultural Map of Pará, in the opportunities tab. The registration form must be filled out identifying the entity, cultural collective and its representative; information about operations and coordination with other Culture Points; updated portfolio, with proof of cultural actions carried out; and two letters of support issued by certified Pontos e Pontões de Cultura or public and private institutions related to art, culture, education and community development.

“Culture Points and Pontoons are super important spaces for promoting art, coexistence, education, citizenship and a host of other factors that allow people to develop a sense of belonging to their community. Certification is essential so that we can map these groups, recognize the work they perform and so that they have the necessary support to compete for public notices and participate in public policies. Therefore, we invite all representatives of Pontos and Pontões to register to obtain the certificates”, says the Secretary of State for Culture, Ursula Vidal.

According to the National Policy for Living Culture, non-profit entities, groups or collectives with a cultural nature or purpose, which develop and articulate cultural activities in their communities, are considered Points of Culture.

The Pontões have links with regional networks, aimed at mobilization, exchange of experiences and development of joint actions with local governments. Furthermore, they develop coordination between different points of culture that can be grouped by thematic areas of common interest, aiming at training, mapping and joint actions.

The history of entities in the areas of culture, education and citizenship will be taken into account, with emphasis on spaces that enhance initiatives linked to the promotion of diversity; preservation and production of artistic and cultural actions; inclusion of the elderly population; strengthening the autonomy of communities and promoting solidarity and creative economies. For accreditation, spaces must have been operating in Pará for at least two years.

The proposals will be evaluated by a certifying commission, formed by 4 state advisors, one from the public authorities and three from civil society, elected by the State Council of Culture (CEC/PA).

Secult will make three servers available for administrative support of the commission, and will publish, always on the second working day of each month, the list of Certified Points and Pontoons.


Interested parties can obtain more information by email [email protected] and by phone (91) 98601-9108.

Text by Juliana Amaral / Ascom Secult

Source: PA Government

The article is in Portuguese

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