Resident suffers fracture after collision between car and motorcycle in the interior of Acre


Last weekend was marked by three traffic accidents on the streets of Sena Madureira. In one of them, considered the most serious, the driver of a motorcycle suffered serious abrasions to his body and a fractured foot.

According to the Military Police, the accident occurred on Rua Piauí. However, the circumstances of the raid were not detailed. What is known is that the victim was admitted to the emergency room at João Câncio Fernandes hospital, in Sena, and was then transferred to Rio Branco to receive specialized care.

On the 30th, the PM also recorded another raid. This time, on Rua Augusto Vasconcelos, in front of the 8th BPM Barracks, involving a car and a motorcycle. there were no serious injuries.

On the 31st, there was an accident at the intersection of Rua Maranhão and Avenida Guanabara, but the victim also had greater complications.

For some time now, traffic in Sena Madureira has been dangerous and has already claimed several lives.

Currently, the city has more than 11 thousand vehicles circulating, according to Detran estimates.

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