Government of Amazonas promotes family farming and fish farming in Rio Preto da Eva


The action was part of the celebration of the municipality’s 42nd anniversary and benefited approximately 700 families

To boost family farming and fish farming in the municipality of Rio Preto da Eva (57 kilometers from Manaus), the Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat for Rural Production and the Institute for Sustainable Forestry Agricultural Development (Idam), carried out , last Saturday (30/03), several promotion actions, among which the following stand out: deliveries of seedlings, fry and rural documents, benefiting more than 295 rural producers in that region, in addition to approximately 500 families from social assistance institutions with the Food Acquisition (PAA).

The deliveries were made by Governor Wilson Lima, who highlighted that the region stands out with its productive potential for oranges and captive fish.

Through Sepror, investments reach approximately R$380,000 and include support for the Fish Farming Fair and deliveries of: 900 coffee seedlings and 900 citrus seedlings (orange and lemon) to 60 producers; 20 fisherman kits; 15 thousand tambaqui fry; two flour mill kits for the Union of Rural Workers of Farmers and Family Farmers (Straaf) and the Union of Rio Preto da Eva, containing two ovens of 75º and 55º, press, feeder and 5CV motor pump.

“The main objective is to always be able to serve as many producers as possible, always with a view to strengthening the primary sector in the state of Amazonas. Since 2019, the Government of Amazonas has been investing very heavily in the primary sector and, in addition, we are also the state that purchases the most from family farming”, added the head of Sepror, Daniel Borges”.

Farmer Fernanda Rodrigues, 28, works in cassava production with her family in Rio Preto da Eva. “I’m happy to know that my production is going to families in vulnerable situations, because it’s something I produce and it will help other families to feed themselves”, he added.

Through the PAA, Sepror delivered 3.5 tons of food to social institutions through the Food Acquisition Program (PAA), acquired from rural producers in the municipality, such as vegetables (papaya, pumpkin, cassava, orange, cabbage and banana). The institutions covered were the Association of Exceptional Parents and Friends (Apae/Rio Preto da Eva; Tomé Raposo Medeiros Hospital Unit; and the Elderly Association (Airpe).

Among the deliveries made by the government, through Idam, are 200 Primary Producer Cards (CPP), 16 National Registers of Family Farming (CAF) and 25 Registers of Stingless Bee Breeders, an essential document for meliponiculturism.

In the action, R$581 thousand in rural credit was also delivered to 18 producers. The amount is the result of credit projects prepared by technicians from the Local Unit (UnLoc) Idam/Rio Preto da Eva, approved by the Amazonas State Development Agency (Afeam), responsible for granting the resource.

“This is an initiative that, without a doubt, reflects Governor Wilson Lima’s commitment to the primary sector in Amazonas. In view of this, Idam has spared no effort to provide technical assistance and rural extension (Ater) to producers, with the preparation of credit projects, regularization of documents, guidance, among other essential services for the category”, pointed out the head of the Department of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (Dater) from Idam, Orleidson Sales.

Photos: Emerson Martins/Sepror

Press contacts: Communication Advisory for the State Secretariat for Rural Production (Sepror) Deyserreen Costa

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