Senar-ES instructor has a large female audience in her training


In celebration of International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, we are honoring personalities who represent female strength throughout the month. They are increasingly present in different sectors and positions, beyond strength and dedication, with a lot of capacity and professionalism.

We recognize the importance and impact that women have in rural areas. Their contributions are critical to the economic growth, environmental sustainability and well-being of rural communities around the world. It’s essential to highlight your achievements and inspire other women to follow in your footsteps.

We bring together women who are part of the history of the National Rural Learning Service of Espírito Santo (Senar-ES) and the Agricultural Federation of Espírito Santo (FAES), from the countryside to the city. They represent the diversity of activities and roles played by women in agribusiness, from rural producers to leaders and managers of companies linked to agribusiness.

The honor goes to the instructor, Elaine.

Teaching from woman to woman

Responsible for providing training on “Good Manufacturing Practices”, “Production of Canned Vegetables”, “Food Freezing” and “Food Preparers”, the instructor, Elaine Matosinhos, has been in partnership with Senar-ES for two decades. Its classes are mainly made up of women, who make up almost 100% of the audience.

“I notice that women are more attentive to the processes. They have an easier time wanting to put into practice the necessary processes, whereas men think it will take a lot of time. When we set up study groups, I also notice that the female audience is more agile in dividing tasks”, mentions Elaine.

The instructor explains that it is natural for women to look for a way to specialize, without having to distance themselves from their properties. And this justifies the increase in the female audience in training.

“I have been teaching Senar courses for over 20 years and what I see today in rural areas is women taking control of the situation in the countryside. In addition to preparing the sweets, they want to go to fairs and negotiate sales. When women add value to a product, the benefit returns to the entire family in the form of improvements to the home and property. Women are becoming aware of their work potential in society and in rural areas this is no different”, she highlights.

Women from the countryside to the city

Elaine is an example of a woman who encourages other women through teaching. She is the third of the five who will be honored by the Faes/Senar-ES System during this month.

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