Discover the Ticiana Werner menu in April

Discover the Ticiana Werner menu in April
Discover the Ticiana Werner menu in April

The menu includes starter, main course and dessert for R$109

Looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience? Throughout the month of April, in Ticiana Werner Restaurant and Wine Bar (201 Sul) customers will be able to enjoy the TW Menu, available for both lunch and dinner, with starter, main course and dessert for R$109.

This is an unmissable opportunity for lovers of good food to enjoy a menu carefully selected by renowned chef Ticiana. Check out the options below:


To begin with, customers can enjoy a unique experience with the salad buffet, available exclusively during lunch. There are 30 fresh and varied salad dishes to combine as you wish.

At dinner, you can enjoy the antipasti buffet, a tempting option full of cheeses, cold cuts, pastas, breads, carpaccio, ceviche, caponata, bruschettas, jams and dried fruits that will certainly whet your appetite.

A third option, valid for both lunch and dinner, is the leaf salad with tomato and heart of palm, with mustard and basil pesto sauce.

Main course

There are four selections of main dishes to choose the one that most pleases your taste.

How about trying the pumpkin and goat doppio ravioli, filled with pumpkin and goat cheese, in an artisan butter sauce with sage that melts in your mouth? Or perhaps the succulence of grilled sea bass with prawns in a creamy coconut milk and spices sauce, served with purple mashed potatoes.

There are also filet mignon escalopes in Madeira sauce, accompanied by fettuccine in Alfredo sauce. And to close the list, a lamb risotto, finished with parmesan cheese, butter and sweet and sour pepper jelly.


For the sweet part of the menu, the house prepared a selection of divine desserts.

Indulge in the classic panna cotta with red fruit coulis, the profiteroles filled with ice cream, papaya cream with cassis or the bowl of red fruit sorbet, all perfect to satisfy your craving for that sweet treat.

Enjoy these flavors and enjoy!

Ticiana Werner Restaurant and Wine Bar

Telephone: (61) 3226 9947

Address: CLS 201 block C store 11 – Asa Sul


Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 am to midnight


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