Invoices issued from this Monday (1st) must contain information about the type of payment

Invoices issued from this Monday (1st) must contain information about the type of payment
Invoices issued from this Monday (1st) must contain information about the type of payment
The State Secretariat for Social Assistance and Citizenship (Setasc) and the State Secretariat for Public Security (Sesp), through the Rede Cidadã program, renewed the partnership with Cuiabá Esporte Clube, to continue the Autistic Camarote during the Championship 2024 Brazilian Championship, which will start on April 13th.

Created by First Lady Virginia Mendes, with the support of Senator Margareth Buzetti, the Autistic Camarote is an action that is part of the SER Família Inclusivo Program, and began in 2023.

Throughout last year, in 18 Dourado games at Arena Pantanal, 144 people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and who have an Autism Identification Card (CIA) were drawn.

“A project that worked and we will embrace it with the commitment we have through the SER Família Inclusivo program. The continuity of the Autistic Box during the Cuiabá games in the Brazilian Championship fulfills our desire to promote inclusion and raise awareness about the cause of autism through sport. It’s beautiful to see how they make use of the space and the families are received with great affection and warmth. I thank Cuiabá Esporte Clube and Setasc for their seriousness with the project”, said Virginia Mendes.

The announcement of the continuity of the partnership between the State Government and Cuiabá Esporte Clube to organize the Camarote do Autista, SER Família Inclusivo, coincided with “Abril Azul”, autism awareness month.

“It is with great joy that we bring this news to everyone, precisely in the month of April, which is Autism Awareness Month. The Autistic Box is a very important and highly sensitive action by First Lady Virginia Mendes, together with Senator Margareth Buzetti. And being able to count on the support of Cuiabá makes the project even more special, as it is a way of raising awareness about the cause through sport, and giving our autistic people the opportunity to watch a football game at Arena Pantanal”, explained the secretary of State Social Assistance, Grasi Bugalho.

Inclusion in the box will take place in the same way as in 2023, that is, through registration for the draw to be held at each Cuiabá game in the Brazilian Series A, at Arena Pantanal.

In the week before the games, Setasc will release the link on the secretariat’s website so that interested parties can register. In total, there are eight places for autistic people with an Autistic Identification Card (CIA), with the right to a companion or guardian. There is no age limit.

After the registration period, the draw will be held, and the Setasc team will contact the winners to confirm their presence at the event. If there is a withdrawal or any inconsistency in the registration, other registrants will be drawn.

What’s new for 2024 is that Arena Pantanal will now have facial recognition to enter football games held from this year onwards. Therefore, it is essential that those interested in participating in the draws to be held for the Autistic Camarote already register on the Facepass application, available in the application stores for IOS and Android. Easy recognition will be the ticket to enter the stadium.

Cuiabá’s first game, at Arena Pantanal, is expected to take place on April 17th, against Esporte Clube Vitória.

Autistic Identification Card

The document is issued free of charge by Setasc and contains specific and qualified information about the person with the disorder, the emergency contact and, if applicable, information about their legal representative/caregiver.

CIA registration, since September 2022, has been carried out through the MT Cidadão application, in digital and/or physical (printed) form. The deadline for issuing the digital wallet is five days, counting from sending the documentation via the application, analysis and approval by the Setasc team. To issue a physical card, the deadline is 30 days.

More information can be obtained by calling (65) 98421-4080/(65) 3613-5711 or on the Setasc website.

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