Minas Gerais is chosen as the best destination for traveling and eating well


In second and third place in the Top 3 gastronomic trips are Bahia and Pará, respectively

Credit: Pedro Vilela/Agência Minas

A survey carried out by the travel website Guia Viajar Melhor and published by the Ministry of Tourism found that Minas Gerais is the perfect destination for those who want to embark on a gastronomic journey through Brazil. The survey, which received responses from more than 2 thousand participants from across the country, still chose feijoada as the best typical dish.

Based on the data, the company created a ranking as Top 3 of Brazilian destinations for gastronomic trips and the Top 10 of the best typical dishes. This is how Minas Gerais appeared in first place as the best gastronomic destination in Brazil.

With a high diversity of Brazilian gastronomy dishes, the study understands that Minas Gerais cuisine, in addition to bringing the typical diversity of Brazil, also has peculiarities such as cheese, dulce de leche and cheese bread. Among the most famous Minas Gerais dishes, they point out:


  • the chicken with okra,
  • the suckling pig,
  • the tutu,
  • tropeiro beans and
  • the bogged cow.

The second position went to the state of Bahia, thanks to its striking flavors such as moqueca, acarajé and vatapá, which also appeared in the ranking of the best typical dish in the country.

And with strong influences of indigenous culturePará rounds out the Top 3 places to eat well with tacacá, duck in tucupi, maniçoba, caruru and mujica.

See which are the ten best typical dishes in Brazil

Feijoada is the best Brazilian dish for travelers in Guia Viajar Melhor | Credit: AdobeStock

In addition to the best gastronomic destination, the survey, carried out at the end of last year, also asked about travelers’ favorite Brazilian dishes. The feijoada was chosen first with almost 600 votes. The combination of black beans with pork, and delicacies such as rice, cabbage, farofa and orange is a success throughout the country. See the full ranking:

1st – Feijoada

2nd – Barbecue

3rd – Rice and beans

4th – Stew

5th – Tropeiro beans

6th – Baião de dos

7th – Shrimp bean ball

8th – Tacacá

9th – Vatapá and couscous (tied)

10th – Facing São Paulo

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