With the end of Holy Week, what are the next holidays in Acre? See calendar


After the Holy Week weekend, those who like time off on holidays combined with weekends will have to wait a while. At least until November, when the Proclamation of the Republic holiday can be extended into the weekend.

Most holidays fall on the weekend/Photo: Reproduction

Before that, of the seven remaining national holidays in 2024, they either fall in the middle of the week or on Saturdays and Sundays. This is the case, for example, on November 17th, when the day of signing of the Petrópolis Treaty is celebrated in Acre, which will fall on a Sunday.

In this month of April, the only public holiday, Tiradentes Day, April 21st, falls on a Sunday. In May, there are two holidays, one on Wednesday, May 1st, Labor Day, and the other just at the end of the month, the Catholic holiday of Corpus Christi, which is an optional holiday in Acre, on the 30th.

Another state holiday long awaited by Acre residents, June 15th, when Acre’s elevation from territory to state is celebrated, will also fall on a Saturday. Those who like long, paid time off will have to wait for 2025.

In August, Acre also celebrates an important date for the state, which is the Acre Revolution, August 6th, which falls on a Tuesday. In September, there is a state holiday on the 5th, which will be postponed to the 6th, celebrating Amazon Day. This same month, there is the Independence of Brazil, on September 7th, which will be on a Saturday.

In October, Acre residents have a national holiday on the 12th, Our Lady of Aparecida Day, on a Saturday, and an optional holiday on the 28th, Public Servants Day, a Monday. In November, the first holiday of the month, All Souls’ Day, will also be on a Saturday and the other national holiday, the 15th, which celebrates the Proclamation of the Republic, takes place on a Friday.

Still in November, on the 17th, there is the state holiday of the Treaty of Petrópolis, which will fall on a Sunday. Soon after, on November 20th, there is the national holiday of Black Awareness Day, which will be on a Wednesday. It is worth remembering that, this year, November 20th became a national holiday. The decision was approved in Congress and sanctioned by President Lula.

In the last month of the year, there are two optional points and one holiday: December 24th and 25th, Christmas Eve on Tuesday and Christmas on Wednesday and the last day of the year, the 31st, optional point, which falls on a Tuesday.

See Acre’s holidays and optional points in 2024, published at the beginning of the year:

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