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Opportunities and business expansion in the sector will be discussed at the Vitória Petro Show, from Tuesday (2) to Thursday (4), at the Vitória Convention Center

Published on April 1, 2024 at 5:38 pm

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Polo Cricaré, from Seacrest Petróleo, in the North of Espírito Santo. (Seacrest/Disclosure)

Third largest producer of oil and gas in the country, Espírito Santo returned to growth in production in 2023, with an increase of 23% influenced by the recovery of production in onshore environments in the Northern Region of Espírito Santo, where several independent companies began to operate after Petrobras divestment programs in the region.

And to continue on the upward path, companies operating in the region have made investments in favor of exploratory campaigns, drilling wells in search of new sources of oil and gas. These and other potentialities of the sector in Espírito Santo will be discussed at the Vitória Petro Show, considered the biggest event in the oil and gas industry in the State, from April 2nd to 4th at the Vitória Convention Center.

The event will feature lectures, conferences, business rounds, technical visits, addressing sustainability perspectives within the ESG theme and also innovation. The meetings will address issues in the stages of exploration and production (upstream), transportation (midstream), refining (downstream), petrochemicals, naval and energy transition.

“The companies that bought the blocks are in an exploratory campaign. The exploration and drilling of wells segment is one of the richest. This is a generation of great prosperity, because it is a tremendous production chain, which invests in food, transportation, moving of leasing and moving heavy cargo”, highlighted Manoel Passos, president of Acespetro (Capixaba Association of Oil and Gas Services Companies), which is organizing the fair.

According to Barros, the State is experiencing a very large exponential growth curve with the capacity to provide services and technological transfer, with the possibility of many Espírito Santo companies meeting the demands of the oil companies. In the country, according to him, there are 99 companies producing oil on land, 14 of which are in Espírito Santo. “The goal is to reach 500 thousand barrels per day by 2030”, he stressed.

To follow this path, Barros also highlighted other challenges that must be present in discussions on the days of the event, such as reducing bureaucracy for the environmental license. Even before the opening of the fair, this Tuesday, there will be a meeting with oil companies and representatives of the State government to present credit solutions through Bandes and environmental solutions through Iema and Ibama.

During the event, a business roundtable will also be held with 14 companies from Espírito Santo to boost the oil economy in Espírito Santo. The expectation is to generate R$150 million in this business round. “The Vitória Petro Show opens the calendar of oil and gas fairs for the year. The first one is here”, he highlighted.

The fair is being organized by the Espírito Santo Association of Oil, Gas and Energy Services Companies (Acespetro) and the Espírito Santo Engineers Society (SEE), in collaboration with Austral Energy Consulting and institutional support from the Brazilian Microservice Support Service. and Small Businesses (Sebrae).

The programation

  • FECAPGE Exhibition: 1500 m² with 52 stands from national and international companies in the oil and gas sector.
  • PetroSul Conference: Current panorama and future developments in the exploration, production, refining and transport industry in Espírito Santo.
  • ESG Arena: Discussions on environmental, social and governance topics, addressing socio-environmental sustainability challenges.
  • Arena Innovation: Highlighting technologies and innovations applied to the oil, gas and energy segments, promoting connections in the innovation ecosystem.
  • Commercial Arena: The ideal environment to stay up to date with new products, equipment, services and technologies applied in the sector.
  • Technical Section: Presentation of selected technical works and posters, promoting the exchange of knowledge.
  • PetroSupply Meeting: Business meetings to boost business between purchasing and supplying companies in the oil and gas industry.
  • Technical visits: E&P, Naval and R&D circuits to get to know local operations up close.

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