Environmental preservation and economic development are allies in the MS Climate Change Forum


With a focus on environmental preservation and sustainability, combined with economic development as a strategy for Mato Grosso do Sul to achieve the goal of being a territory recognized internationally as Carbon Neutral by the year 2030, the State Government holds the “State Forum for Change Climate: For a Green MS, the time is now”.

At the opening of the event held today (1st) – and which continues until tomorrow (2nd), in Campo Grande –, the governor, Eduardo Riedel, stated that the Forum should direct discussions on the topic, with a technical-scientific character and also to transform State assets.

“It embodies an axis that is the basis of our development, which is environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our entire development strategy has sustainability as a main vector. It is necessary to discuss the economic point of view as well, not only the preservation of our biomes, biodiversity, carbon balance, water protection. The forum comes precisely to give it a scientific, technical character and to value a little of everything we have, transforming this into an asset for the state of Mato Grosso do Sul”, explained the governor.

The event, held today (1st) and tomorrow (2nd) by the State Government, through Semadesc (State Secretariat for Environment, Development, Science, Technology and Information), in partnership with Sebrae/MS (Service of Support for Micro and Small Businesses), brings together authorities, experts and representatives of civil society to promote cooperation and dialogue in tackling problems related to climate change, adaptation and its socio-environmental and economic consequences.

“Climate change is occurring and we need to advance the structure, and municipalities need to prepare. Now we are entering the stage of transforming sustainability into resources, of how to pay for environmental services”, stated Jaime Verruck, head of Semadesc.

The goal of making the State a territory recognized internationally as Carbon Neutral by the year 2030 is set out in PROCLIMA (MS Carbon Neutral State Plan) and the activation of the Forum will contribute to the consolidation of the plans.

“The State Forum on Climate Change is a great environment that brings together the discussion of the entire environmental public policy of the State with broad participation from society, from all segments, the productive sector, academia, research institutions and traditional communities in our State”, Verruck said.


The resolution for governance of the FEMC (Forum Sul-Mato-Grossense on Climate Change) – installed in June 2022 – was also signed, in addition to the cooperation agreement between Semadesc and Sebrae – ‘RoadMap: Carbon Neutral Territory’ to identify the potential and vulnerabilities of the State’s 79 municipalities, and the signing of the launch of the Climate Change Notice by Fundect-MS (Foundation to Support the Development of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul).

Mato Grosso do Sul is among the states that have already adopted measures considered consistent and effective to combat the effects of climate change. The conclusion is from the Abema Technical Climate Chamber (Brazilian Association of State Environmental Entities), which in 2023 presented an assessment of the situation of each unit of the Federation with regard to efforts to meet the goals established by Brazil’s climate policy.

The Climate Technical Chamber divided Brazilian states into three groups, according to the stage of development of measures to contain climate change – those that have not yet started the work (the smallest group), those that need to consolidate actions (the largest group) and those that are ready to take off because all the necessary legal framework and programs have already been implemented. Mato Grosso do Sul appears in this last group, alongside the states in the South and Southeast of Brazil, in addition to Pernambuco and the Federal District.

The State Government has set the goal of transforming Mato Grosso do Sul into a “Carbon Neutral State” by 2030 and directs all public programs, projects and actions in this direction.

The launch of the ‘Climate Change’ notice – with a global value of R$6 million – authorizes Fundect to make a public call for researchers linked to Scientific and Technological Institutions (ICTs) and universities based in Mato Grosso do Sul, to present proposals that enable the generation of bases (managerial and methodological) aimed at the development of technologies, products, processes, services, public policies and other assets, necessarily aiming to combat climate change in the State.

Professor Daniel Vargas gave the lecture on the theme “Climate Transition and Conversion of Green into Value”. “Preservation, production and economy go hand in hand. It is necessary to look at the climate transition, not as a specific and temporary problem, but as an opportunity to guarantee success for Brazil”, stated Vargas.

The event, held at Sebrae – in Campo Grande – continues today (1st), with two thematic panels. This Tuesday (2), the Forum will offer practical workshops, all focused on the application of sustainable solutions in different sectors, such as livestock, fire management, carbon neutral strategies, conservation of water resources and innovative models of sustainable agriculture.

“The climate issue is a global phenomenon with local and regional effects. The Forum is the official environment for building public policies aimed at the needs we encounter”, stated Artur Falcette, executive secretary for the Environment at Semadesc.

Also participating in the event were secretaries Rodrigo Perez (Segov), Eduardo Rocha (Casa Civil), as well as the superintendent director of Sebrae/MS, Cláudio Mendonça and the director-president of Fundect, Márcio Araújo, as well as state deputies and other authorities.

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Natalia Yahn, Communication Government of MS
Photos: Saul Schramm


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