PRF does not record accidents during Holy Week holiday on Roraima highways

Photo: Disclosure/PRF

Last Sunday (31), the Federal Highway Police (PRF) ended Operation Holy Week. Since last Thursday (28), the PRF has intensified inspections on federal highways in Roraima, focusing on road safety, preventing traffic accidents and monitoring blood alcohol levels. Around 50 m3 of wood, a wild bird and a firearm were seized. Two people were detained, 10 Detailed Occurrence Terms (TCO) were drawn up, and no accidents were recorded.

The holiday in Roraima included the Passion of Christ event in the municipality of Mucajaí, on Friday and Saturday, with a large flow of vehicles from both the Capital and municipalities to the south of the state. The PRF was present during the two nights of the event, ensuring road safety and monitoring with a focus on drunk driving, in order to prevent traffic accidents and deaths on federal highways. No accidents were recorded across the state.

During the entire Operation, 330 vehicles and 480 people were inspected. 240 drivers were subjected to a breathalyzer test and 23 were charged with blood alcohol levels for refusing to take the test. No driver was caught drunk at the wheel.

In the early hours of Sunday, during policing on BR 174, municipality of Mucajaí, a man, carrying a Cal pistol. 380 and 15 rounds of ammunition, he was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and another man was arrested for resisting and causing bodily harm.

Around 50 m3 of wood with irregular documentation were seized in BR 174, and a wild bird, Curió, without documentation, in BR 401, both in Boa Vista.

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