Neto Batalha assumes Secretariat for Articulation with Municipalities with the purpose of promoting regional development

Neto Batalha assumes Secretariat for Articulation with Municipalities with the purpose of promoting regional development
Neto Batalha assumes Secretariat for Articulation with Municipalities with the purpose of promoting regional development

Governor Fábio Mitidieri swore in this Monday, April 1st, in the auditorium of Palácio dos Despachos, Neto Batalha as Special Secretary for Articulation with Municipalities. Neto Batalha assumes the recently created portfolio to act as a liaison between the state government and municipalities, promoting integration and coordinating efforts to meet the specific needs of each location.

According to governor Fábio Mitidieri, the expectation is that the new manager will be able to offer more effective and personalized support to Sergipe’s municipalities. “The government needs to be close to its municipalities, we need to have more direct contact with mayors, councilors, with the leaders who represent our people. In this way, the idea is precisely to be able to bring the government closer to these managers. It is a government that has the vision of humanizing management, like ‘Sergipe é aqui’, and another way to do this with even more emphasis is through this secretariat,” he stated.

Mitidieri explained that the choice of Neto Batalha to lead the secretariat is due to his outstanding characteristic of dedication and work. “We choose the name of a young deputy, who has a striking characteristic of employment, work, dedication. Therefore, I want to thank deputy Neto Batalha because he came to contribute and he comes with great desire. And this is very important because in our administration people have to come with the same willingness to work that the governor has and I think everyone who is here today has this”, he observed.

Linked to the organic-administrative structure of the State Secretariat of the Civil House (SECC), the department’s mission is to strengthen ties between the State Government and municipal administrations, enhancing cooperation in the execution of public actions and policies for the population.

SECC secretary, Jorginho Araujo, said that Neto Batalha comes to promote regional development, administrative decentralization and improve the quality of life of local communities, ensuring closer and more effective management of municipal interests and needs. “Neto Batalha is coming to work effectively with this approach and with this strengthening with the municipalities”, he said.

Regional development

The secretariat also signals the State Government’s commitment and engagement with municipal agendas. Currently, state management has a large volume of investments and actions carried out directly in partnership with city halls, such as the Acelera Sergipe program, launched on March 5th, which foresees investments of more than R$ 200 million in more than 80 works, identified by the municipal administrations themselves as priorities.

The appointed secretary, Neto Batalha, emphasized the commitment to providing attention and support to municipal administrations, working together towards regional development. “It is a very important moment, a lot of joy, taking on this very important portfolio today, which has already happened in other governments and now in this government, Fábio Mitidieri recreates it so that we can give greater attention, greater quality to the programs seen in the administrations municipal and I will be in all fields, with municipal secretaries, with mayors, deputy mayors, councilors, carrying out this dialogue between the municipalities and the State Government”, he said.

He also highlighted the collaboration with the Special Superintendency of Political Articulation and Institutional Relations. “Dear friend Venâncio Fonseca, a very experienced guy, I will always be there by his side, drinking from his wisdom, working together, so that together, with his experience and my youth, we can bring benefits to the population Sergipe,” he declared.

In the opinion of the mayor of Indiaroba, Adinaldo do Nascimento, the creation of the secretariat comes at an opportune time to strengthen government actions at the municipal level, bringing benefits to all cities in the state. “Governor Fábio Mitidieri has a history of being a militant for municipalism. Strengthening the municipalities is on his path and the secretariat, in my opinion, comes to strengthen this, the government’s relationship with the municipalities, like the itinerant government ‘Sergipe aqui’ which has been a great success. Therefore, it was something very important, we, mayors, had already had this debate with him and it came at an opportune time for us to strengthen the government’s actions with the municipalities”, he highlighted.

About Neto Batalha

José Batalha de Gois Neto, born in São Cristóvão/SE, is 31 years old. His political career began in 2020, when he was elected councilor in São Cristóvão. Two years later, he became a deputy in the Legislative Assembly of Sergipe (Alese). During his term as councilor, he presented several Bills, nominations and requests, in addition to leading the opposition in the municipality.

In Alese, Neto Batalha is the youngest parliamentarian in the current legislature. He presented 21 Bills, dozens of indications and requests, in addition to carrying out constant work inside and outside the cabinet, meeting the demands of the population and seeking improvements for the state of Sergipe.

During his first year at Alese, Neto Batalha managed to turn five projects into law, highlighting the law that makes it mandatory for elderly people to physically sign contracts via telephone or internet with banking institutions, aiming to protect this part of the population against scams.

Photo: Arthur Soares

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