Registration open for course on assistance to victims of domestic violence

Registration open for course on assistance to victims of domestic violence
Registration open for course on assistance to victims of domestic violence

The Federal District School of Government (Egov) is open for registration for the Ressignify course: full protection for women, aimed at training public servants in special care for victims of domestic violence. Launched by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP-DF), the training aims to qualify professionals from the department itself and the security forces, in addition to the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration (Seape) and the Subsecretariat of the Socio-Educational System, linked to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship ( Sejus). The activity is also extended to all other public administration employees who are interested in the topic.

“Combating domestic violence is a priority for the entire Government of the Federal District. In this way, we have established partnerships with the most different secretaries to provide all public servants, especially those in public security and the penitentiary and socio-educational system, with more complete training, which goes beyond providing care or arresting the perpetrator of violence. The main focus is to show the correct routing and protocols for caring for and welcoming victims”, highlights the DF Public Security Secretary, Sandro Avelar.

The Ressignify course will have online classes monthly. For 2024, the goal is to form 12 classes. “This course is extremely important. It is crucial that employees are well prepared to deal with violent situations when called upon. The opening to all public servants interested in participating shows a commitment to raising awareness and disseminating knowledge on this topic”, stated Juliana Tolentino, executive director of Egov.

Registration is open until April 10th. First cycle activities begin on April 15th and continue until May 16th. The first class of the distance education (EaD) course is about the “Historical context of violence, aggression and conflict”, a theme developed by captain Mônica Pontes, general coordinator of the Domestic and Family Violence-Oriented Prevention Program (Provid).

Mônica highlights that the course will help employees to identify cases of domestic violence early: “It is crucial that women understand when they are suffering violence, as they often have difficulty perceiving themselves as victims. This is especially relevant because domestic violence occurs in a private context, making our actions very complex, and also involves the whole issue of social culture.”

Ressignify Course: full protection for women

→ Modality – Distance learning
→ Registration – until 10/4
→ Realization – from 15/4 to 16/5
→ Working hours – 20 hours
→ Registration – Click here

*With information from the School of Government (Egov)

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