At 40, country school student goes to England

At 40, country school student goes to England
At 40, country school student goes to England
Rosângela is in the 3rd year of high school and won a place with the grades obtained at school – Photo by: Assessoriar/Seduc-MT

The student at Escola Estadual do Campo Dom Franco Dalla Valle, in Aripuanã, Rosângela Souza Barbosa, aged 40, is part of the group of 100 students from the state network who will go to England in the second edition of the MT in the World Program. The exchange is funded by the Government of Mato Grosso.

Mother of four children and divorced, she studies and works in the District of Conselvan, 80 kilometers from the city of Aripuanã, and, with dedication, secured a place in the exchange program. She spent years without studying, until two years ago she decided to complete high school and is currently in her third year of high school.

“I have to thank the Government of Mato Grosso for this golden chance”, stated Rosângela.

The student stood out in the Portuguese and Mathematics tests, obtaining the 2nd best average in the 2023 exit assessment of the Structured Education System, with 369.35 points.

“His school attendance was also exemplary throughout the school year, showing his commitment to education”, observed the educational manager of Public Policies for Foreign Languages ​​at the State Department of Education (Seduc-MT), professor Bruno Seolin.

The director of the school, which serves 640 Elementary II and High School students, Professor Leandro de Jesus, also highlighted Rosângela’s dedication and effort to achieve her goals. He said that the student is an example for the entire school community, showing that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve great things.

“She has a grade 10 in Portuguese, Mathematics and, now, she will also be in English. Her trip to spend 21 days of the exchange improving the language at a school in England means a lot to all of us. Rosângela is an example of overcoming”, analyzed Leandro.

According to him, the achievement is the result of a lot of effort, because, in addition to studying at night and taking care of her children, Rosângela wakes up at dawn to go to the sawmill where she works in the District of Conselvan. “Despite her tiring routine, she doesn’t miss classes and still finds time to help her younger colleagues,” added the director.

For Rosângela, the opportunity to participate in the MT Exchange in the World is a dream come true. “It was a dream that was born in the classroom and I am very grateful to the efforts of all the teachers, the pedagogical coordination and the school director. They always supported me. This achievement represents not only a trip abroad, but also the possibility of entering a higher education course and achieving what I could not even dream of when I was still young and had to get married in the District of Nova Dimensão, which is part of the Municipality of Nova Mamoré, in Rondônia. May my story serve as an inspiration to other students, showing that with dedication and effort it is possible to achieve great achievements”, he said.

She is counting down the days to present the necessary documents for the trip to her school. “I have until April 12th, but everything is already separated in a folder.” The next step will be not to miss the passport issuance appointment, scheduled to begin on April 20th. “I wouldn’t miss this date for anything. It’s all written down and I review it every day,” she explained.

Rosângela will be part of one of seven groups of students who will go on the exchange, each accompanied by two Seduc monitors. “I have already been informed about the profile of the school that will receive me. I am sure that you will offer the knowledge and support that I will need. I am confident”.

She also knows that she won’t need to spend anything on the trip. During their stay, each student will receive a weekly stipend of £250. In addition, the Government of Mato Grosso will pay for all necessary documentation, air tickets and accommodation, including travel, food, accommodation and international vaccination certificate.


The MT in the World exchange program has already received investments of R$10.7 million and is part of Seduc’s Foreign Languages ​​Educational Policy, one of the 30 policies that make up the 10-Year Education Plan, which seeks to place the state network among the five best rated in the country by 2032.

In 2023, students who participated in the 1st edition were divided into groups in the cities of Brighton, Bournemouth, Oxford, Worthing, Eastbourne and Cambridge. However, the program may include other cities in the itinerary.

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