How each sign can take advantage of April’s Mercury retrograde

How each sign can take advantage of April’s Mercury retrograde
How each sign can take advantage of April’s Mercury retrograde

April’s Mercury retrograde

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During transit of Mercury Retrograde in Aries, the mind, communication and routine can become confused and disrupted. But not everything is bad. In this article you will learn how each sign can take advantage of Mercury retrograde from April 1st to April 25th, 2024.

Yes, this is a time known for setbacks with systems, traffic, internet, devices, etc., which requires more patience. However, it is also important to slow down, make necessary revisions, finish pending tasks and resume things you started and left halfway.

But not everyone will live Mercury Retrograde Likewise. After all, each of us has a different Astral Chart and the planets therefore act at specific points in our lives.

That’s why each sign can enjoy April’s retrograde Mercury differently.

Positive points of Mercury retrograde in Aries

O sign of Aries adds some specific characteristics to the Mercury retrograde period, such as more impulsiveness. On the other hand, Arian energy can help us move forward with projects that were started and that were not completed for some reason.

In this sense, for all signs, April’s Mercury retrograde is a time for:

  • Trips to known places and reunions: The period can be used to strengthen bonds with friends and family, possibly rediscovering the importance of these connections in your life. Traveling to familiar locations can be less prone to mishaps than new adventures, since you’re navigating familiar territory.
  • Reconnect with people from the past: Meeting school or university friends can rekindle old friendships and bring new perspectives on past relationships. These reunions can be especially meaningful, as they offer a chance to close cycles or relive happy moments.
  • Project review and refinement: This phase invites introspection and focus on details, which can result in significant improvements and refinement of ideas. Projects that have recently started can benefit greatly from Arian initiative and courage.

In the video, understand the positive points for all signs:

How each sign can take advantage of Mercury retrograde

Whenever Mercury changes signs, the planet acts on each person’s Astral Chart. The area of ​​life in which you have Aries may “suffer” a little more with delays, small problems and issues from the past.

In Personare, you have the Free personalized forecast for your Chart for Mercury retrogradewith the possibilities of what could happen during this period, but also tips on how to prepare for this phase.

To see your predictions, just follow this step by step:

  • Access the Personare Personalized Horoscope – it is free!
  • If you are not registered, fill in your details. If you have, log in to the website.
  • Then, you will see all the transits that are happening in your life right now.
  • And when Mercury Retrograde happens, you will have a highlight asking for your attention (see the image below for an example of how it might appear for you)
  • In the example above, notice that the person has 16 active transits (in the menu on the right, at the very top), and is experiencing a transit of Mercury in the 7th House.
  • By clicking on the transit of Mercury (in the list on the right), you will be able to see the personalized analysis about this period in your life (left).
  • During the retrograde period, there will be a highlight asking for your attention. Just click on the arrow to read what could happen in your life with Mercury retrograde.

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– Vanessa Tuleski gives astrological-therapeutic consultations and was a pioneer in Brazilian Astrology when speaking about the general Sky, instead of the traditional sign-by-sign horoscope. She is the creator of the course “Food and Your Astral Map” on Personare. She participates in weekly astrological prediction programs on Personare’s YouTube channel.

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