Businessman suspected of driving a Porsche that caused a fatal accident presents himself to the police

Businessman suspected of driving a Porsche that caused a fatal accident presents himself to the police
Businessman suspected of driving a Porsche that caused a fatal accident presents himself to the police

Video shows the moment Porsche crashes into an app driver’s car in SP

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The entrepreneur Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho25 years old, if presented to the police on the afternoon of this Monday, 1st. He is suspected of driving a Porsche that was involved in an accident in the early hours of last Sunday, the 31st, which ended with the death of an app driver.

The information that the businessman had gone to the 30th Police District (Tatuapé), in São Paulo, was given by lawyer Carine Acardo Garcia to CNN Brazil. O Earth He also contacted the lawyer in search of the defense’s position on what happened, but has not yet received a response.

Fernando Sastre Filho

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The accident

The rear-end collision occurred around 2am on Sunday, on Avenida Salim Farah Maluf, in the capital of São Paulo. Witnesses informed the Civil Police that the 25-year-old businessman, who was driving the Porsche, was traveling at high speed along the road, which has a limit of 50 km/h, and, when overtaking, lost control. The car is a 911 Carrera GTS model, valued at more than R$1 million.

He allegedly crashed into the back of a Sandero, driven by an app driver, identified as Ornaldo da Silva Viana, aged 52. The driver was taken to Tatuapé Hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest. He died from “multiple trauma”.

The 22-year-old passenger of the Porsche was also injured and was taken to São Luiz Hospital.

Porsche driver hits Sandero, kills driver via app and flees in SP

Photo: Reproduction/Rômulo D’Ávila/TV Globo

Who is the driver and how did he get away

According to the police report, the person driving the Porsche was the businessman identified as Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho. Military police officers who responded to the case informed the Civil Police that Andrade Filho’s mother arrived at the scene and said she would take her son to Hospital São Luiz, located in Ibirapuera, to treat a wound in the mouth.

When the agents went to the hospital to do a breathalyzer test and get their version of the accident, they didn’t find either of them.

In a note to Earth, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that the priority in cases of traffic accidents is to guarantee the rescue of victims and preserve the accident site — which was done by the PMs. Police officers also searched the suspect’s residence, but he had not been found.

Also according to the SSP, Andrade Filho is being investigated for “culpable homicide and culpable bodily harm while driving a motor vehicle, in addition to fleeing the scene of the accident.”

The case was registered and is being investigated by the 30th DP. The Military Police will analyze the dynamics of the incident to identify any errors in the operational procedure.

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