Police see intention to kill and arrest Porsche owner – 04/01/2024 – Daily life

Police see intention to kill and arrest Porsche owner – 04/01/2024 – Daily life
Police see intention to kill and arrest Porsche owner – 04/01/2024 – Daily life

Businessman Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho, 25, had his temporary arrest requested by the police after presenting himself this Monday afternoon (1st) at the 30th DP, in Tatuapé, in the east zone of São Paulo.

With the help of his mother, Daniela Cristina de Medeiros Andrade, the businessman fled after crashing his Porsche into a Renault Sandero and causing the death of an app driver in the early hours of this Sunday (31), on Avenida Salim Farah Maluf, in the same neighborhood.

She had told the military police officers that she would take her son to a hospital, but she did not go there. The case, then, was registered as fleeing the scene of an accident, bodily injury while driving a motor vehicle and manslaughter (without intention) while driving a motor vehicle.

However, after being interviewed this Monday, he was indicted on suspicion of intentional homicide, when there is intent to kill, as well as bodily harm and fleeing the scene of an accident.

According to a note sent to Sheet by the SSP (Public Security Secretariat), the police requested temporary arrest, which lasts from 5 to 30 days, extendable for the same period.

Assistant police chief Nelson Vinicius Alves told reporters after the testimony that the businessman was charged with intentional homicide: “He used the car as a weapon.”

Alves stated that he waited until the end of the afternoon to request temporary arrest from the Judiciary, who would already be analyzing the case and authorizing it. If the Jury were asked to do so, the decision could take much longer.

The delegate says that the authorization should come out at any time. If he does not leave today, Sastre would be released to go home until the court orders his arrest.

Regarding the driver’s mother, who took her son from the scene, Alves stated that she cannot be charged, as she is a family member who went to the scene to help her son. That was what she said in her statement, according to the police chief.

Delegate talks about the case

Marcos Vinicius, the other passenger in the Porsche, is still hospitalized and is unable to speak, according to the police chief, but will be heard during the investigation, as will two witnesses to the accident.

The SSP also reported that the Military Police Internal Affairs is investigating the procedure of the police officers who responded to the incident in the early hours of Sunday and released Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho to go with his mother to the hospital. The officers are also criticized for reporting the accident to the police station only five hours later.

Check out the full SSP note:

The person responsible for the accident appeared at the police station on Monday afternoon (1) and, after giving a statement, was criminally indicted for intentional homicide, bodily injury and fleeing the scene of an accident. The police authority represented by the decree of his temporary arrest and awaits the Judiciary’s assessment. The case remains under investigation by the 30th DP. The Military Police continues to investigate the dynamics of the incident to identify any errors in the operational procedure.

Read below what is known about the incident:


The accident happened on Avenida Salim Farah Maluf, at number 1,801, in Tatuapé, at 2:25 am on Sunday (31). The accident was recorded as culpable homicide while driving a motor vehicle, culpable bodily injury while driving a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident.


According to the incident report, the Porsche crashed into the back of the Sandero, which was driven by app driver Ornaldo da Silva Viana, 52. He was taken by firefighters to Tatuapé Municipal Hospital, with cardiorespiratory arrest and multiple traumas. Viana did not survive her injuries.


The Porsche was speeding, according to two witnesses who drove by the scene in an HB20. According to police records, witnesses said the Porsche overtook, lost control and hit the back of the Sandero.


In addition to businessman Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho, passenger Marcus Vinicius Machado Rocha, 22, was also in the Porsche. He was taken to Hospital São Luiz Tatuapé.


The businessman’s mother went to the scene of the accident, according to the police record, and said she would take him to Hospital São Luiz Ibirapuera due to the slight injury he had in the mouth area. The military police went to the unit to listen to him and take a breathalyzer test, but received information that the businessman was not admitted to any hospital in the São Luiz network. According to police records, the agents were no longer able to speak to the businessman or his mother – the calls were not answered.


In a statement, the SSP (Secretariat of Public Security) said that, in the event of traffic accidents, the Military Police’s priority is to guarantee the rescue of victims and preserve the accident site.

According to the note, initially, in addition to the driver who died, the businessman who was at Posche was also identified as a victim, and, as he was injured, he was helped.

“During the presentation of the incident, it was found that the possible perpetrator would be the driver of the Porsche. The PMs carried out investigations at the hospital where the driver signaled that he would be treated and at his home, but he was not found. Therefore, the case was registered as manslaughter and culpable bodily harm while driving a motor vehicle and fleeing the scene of the accident”, stated the SSP.

The SSP stated that the PM “will analyze the dynamics of the incident to identify any errors in operational procedures.” The case was registered and is being investigated by the 30th DP (Tatuapé).

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