Gossip pages are paid to praise Rafa Kalimann in soap opera

Gossip pages are paid to praise Rafa Kalimann in soap opera
Gossip pages are paid to praise Rafa Kalimann in soap opera
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Rafa Kalimann in a scene from Família É Tudo: Globo tries to convince the public about the former BBB’s ‘good performance’

How to construct a false reality and transform a lie into absolute truth? Nowadays, the formula is simple: buy sponsored publications on major gossip pages and the new narrative is established. This artifice has been widely used by sub-celebrities and fake influencers to gain media notoriety. And not even Globo stars escape this temptation.

It was very surprising that several profiles, those with millions of followers on social media, made a massive post praising a scene by Rafa Kalimann in the soap opera Família É Tudo, on Globo, last Saturday (30). The publications featured an excerpt from the plot in which the character Jéssica has a jealous crisis, screams, cries and “destroys” a dressing room.

The captions of these great profiles used exactly the same expression to define the moment: “acting show”. There were some who went further and even said “fans are moved” by the former BBB’s performance on the scene. But the spontaneous repercussion and comments from internet users went in the opposite direction, and the vast majority were full of criticism of the debut actress’ work.

This modest column decided to do the basics: find out what motivated this flood of positive publications regarding Rafa Kalimann’s performance, which was far from being an “acting show”. And when checking with some of these profiles, the answer was the same: they are sponsored publications. Who shouldered this “investment”, however, is still a mystery. There were also admins who said they didn’t receive a penny and that they only got into the praise when they saw their competitors gaining engagement with the post.

Off the record, the administrators of the pages consulted stated that the demand came with the following briefing: a “spontaneous” publication about the “show” that Rafa Kalimann gave in the Family É Tudo scene. And to show that it was a paid post, the profiles used the hashtag with the name of the soap opera. Some even put Globoplay’s @. Large profiles only do this organically if there is a financial compensation.

Here, dear reader, there are several problems. The first of them, and also the most serious of all, is the fact that these pages do not indicate at any time that it is an advertisement — a recurring error made by gossip profiles, which violates CONAR (National Self-Regulation Council) guidelines. advertising). This happens daily. No wonder, those who follow big profiles are bombarded daily by publications that feature non-famous figures as characters, but who invest heavily to appear on these channels.

The second point is that these pages do not follow the novels in an organic way. On a daily basis, they pay attention to gossip about the lives of celebrities and BBB 24, and do not cover the unfolding of plots on Globo or any other broadcaster. With a certain rarity, we see publications about one or another soap opera, especially when Globoplay makes a point of highlighting some development of the story and invests in these pages, with the aim of hooking internet users into watching on streaming what they missed on live open TV. .

The third topic, which is also very serious, is Rafa Kalimann’s exposure to criticism. There is an understanding that it is her first soap opera, but when publications use terms such as “acting show”, the new actress comes under the scrutiny of social media users, who, when watching the sponsored cut and displayed on the gossip pages, soon realize that Everything that happened there was far from being a “show”.

Família É Tudo has very low organic engagement on social networks. The soap opera, so far, has not been exciting and there is only talk about something else. And when cuts with biased messages appear, like what was done with Rafa Kalimann, criticism arrives in force. A brief reading of Internet users’ reactions to the new actress’ work shows that there was no “mass emotion”, nor did they consider the girl’s performance as something incredible. And now he has been receiving malicious nicknames, such as “female version of Gypsy Igor”, alluding to Ricardo Macchi’s character in Explode Coração (1995), which earns him criticism as an actor to this day.

Our sources at Globo and Globoplay said that, this time, they did not invest in publicizing the section of the soap opera in which Rafa Kalimann’s work is praised. On the gossip pages, the sources consulted refused to reveal where the investment came from. It remains to be seen who was responsible for injecting money into these channels to “boost” the ex-BBB’s image. And if you haven’t seen it yet, watch the “show” she gave in Família É Tudo:

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